VIDEO: The New Adventures of Zorro (1981 vs. 1997)

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Zorro de Mayo continues as Renegado takes a look at the different adaptations of the character in animated form. In part 1, he’s covering The New Adventures of Zorro (1981) and The New Adventures of Zorro (1997). Wait… What?

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  • Animikean

    Enjoying Zorro De Mayo, it’s a nice treat :)

    On Amigo’s uh,… colorful clothes.
    It was reminding me of that movie where he had a brother in the navy (but I’ll understand if that one goes unmentioned), so you can see where you surprised me with where the joke went.

    The lip sync was nicely done and I laughed out loud, thank you :)

    • Jerry Nava

      Glad you enjoyed it!

      As for the movie you mentioned, I don’t remember something like that so now you’ve made me curious to look it up…

    • jjramsey

      It was reminding me of that movie where he had a brother in the navy …

      A Village People reference would be too obvious, wouldn’t it? :-)

      • Animikean

        Came out in ’81, so I’m completely sure that’s the reference they were going for ;)

  • MichaelANovelli

    Hooray for Zorro!

  • starofjustice

    Any plans for a video on Generation Z?

    • Jerry Nava

      It’s on the list! I did say I’d cover every Zorro cartoon didn’t I? :D

  • Dennis Fischer

    So Jerry, are you going to take the time to cover the serial adventures of Zorro, including the female Zorro, as well as Don Q, The Son of Zorro?

    • Jerry Nava

      I will but probably not this year, I am thinking on repeating Zorro month next year so I may have a chance to cover them as well.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Great review, Jerry. I had no idea the latter show existed, and I loved the hell out of the Filmation version.

    It occurs to me that Zorro’s relationship with the pirate queen was not unlike Batman’s later relationship with Catwoman. During that period Catwoman was pretty much a straight up villain, but as the years went on she became more of an anti-hero and an ally/lover of Batman. So this pirate queen predates that incarnation of Catwoman

    So it seems that perhaps once again Batman ripped off Zorro?

    • Jerry Nava

      It would depend on when that change happened…wasn’t the anti-hero Catwoman already established on 60s Batman? The Filmation cartoon was made in the 80s.

      Still doesn’t take away of how awesome Lucía was though.

  • Sofie Liv

    Oh man, the nostalgia feeels Jerry.

    I think you are wrong though, Zorro is in fact a very time-less character, his setting is locked to pre-revolution California and that’s just his world, that wont ever age or become out-dated, because for us modern people, it’s almost like looking into a fairy-tale land. Like Narnia or some-thing.

    And that’s also why even now, as we sit here in 2014, I can look back at his earlier presentations and be enganged, because it’s not dated.
    Not like many Batman shows where you can see his technology is clearly out-dated and not up to par, thusly breaking the illusion because he is supposed to life in our time, not fairy-tale California.

    Oh man, I had a few episodes of the funimation show on a VHS tape I would watch as a kid, I remember Amigo and his pink out-fitt quite clearly, lol.
    I would play him and Zorro with my baby-dolls where they were just female versions of the characters… no really. That’s what I did as a little kid.

    And the Warner Brothers show, was my first real introduction to Zorro, I followed it gladly on saturday morning cartoon along-side Batman and so on, it was one of my favourite shows back then, but since then.. I actually havn’t been able to find it any-where!
    Which does make me sad as I actually really would want to re-watch it, I don’t remember much of it, just some mental images.. like a guy drinking a potion that turned him into the minotaur of the labyrinth.. but other than that.. just vague images, though images I hold fondly to, and again.. I would really like to re-watch it… do.. do you have a copy Jerry?

    I think people are making the biggest mistake when they actually try to update this character, he doesn’t need to be updated at all!
    He is the picture of this classical hero and that’s what he needs to be, what one should do, is merely to have fun with him and his classic tropes.. not update him, that would be a mistake, each and every single time.

    • Jerry Nava

      Yeah, you are right about Zorro being timeless, but trying to update him only makes things worse (as you can see from the reboot trailer I’ve shown you and Generation Z).

      I actually found it really difficult to find a copy of WB Zorro myself! I only have a few episodes, but the only problem is they are in spanish only…I think there may be a danish dub somewhere on youtube, we just need to look harder for it

      • Sofie Liv

        Yes Jerry.. you made me shed a tear of pain and agony, thanks a lot.

        I actually found that version with Spanish dub myself a year or two back… yup it’s useless to me.
        Sigh.. Funny how some things just are near impossible to find :(