Networks flood Comic-Con with trailers for all their geekiest shows

Comic-Con is here, which means so are all the trailers of this fall’s geek TV shows!


Ash vs. Evil Dead, Season 1

Fear the Walking Dead, Season 1

Colony, Season 1

Outcast, Season 1

Heroes Reborn, Season 1


The Walking Dead, Season 6

Doctor Who, Season 9

Sherlock, Victorian Special

Vikings, Season 4

Homeland, Season 5

Once Upon a Time, Season 5

Which shows are you most looking forward to… and which shows do you most want HNTP to recap?

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  • Betsy Murgatroyd

    I’m a huge Grimm fan, so if you recapped it that would be cool. But you know, I won’t be sad if you don’t recap it cuz I was totally disappointed in how they got rid of Juliette and Kelly. I read HNTP recaps for entertainment, even when I don’t watch the show. There is plenty here to keep me content.

  • Historicat

    I would read the recaps for any of these shows. However, I don’t expect The Colony to make it through a full season before cancellation