RAW FEED: Netflix Instant Recommendations March 7 2014

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This week’s recommendations.

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  • Muthsarah

    Grabbers is goin’ on my list. Don’t think I’ve ever seen something like that (SotD is a big-budget horror-comedy, so doesn’t count), but I’ll go solely on your recommendation…and go in as ignorant as I can.

  • Muthsarah

    K, just saw Olympus Has Fallen (Grabbers’ll come later). Yeah, cheesy but/and fun. Certainly not a “quality” picture, but it was one of the better action movies I’ve seen in a while (except for Dredd and The Raid, because, c’mon!). Nice throwback. A shame that the effects made the movie look even cheaper than a lot of the 80s flicks it was aping. I took the more OTT segments as comedy, whether or not they were intended to be such. Action is one of the few genres that can get away with being outrageously dumb.

    Also, currently listening to some old Radiodromes. Stopped listening after Brad left, but since you’re there now (and not you and Brad together… *sigh* …) I’ll get back into it. Very fun to hear about your experiences on film sets. Never occurred to me that any online reviewer would have so much hands-on experience with stuff like that, but all of you apparently have. How’d that work? Izzat your profession? Movies your life, off and on the clock?