NCIS: New Orleans is almost as big as its daddy in Tuesday’s ratings

Tuesday night’s primetime broadcast ratings!

1. NCIS is unstoppable with 17.3 million overall viewers.

2. And NCIS: New Orleans is a chip off the ol’ block with 16.1 million. You can’t entirely credit lead-in for numbers like that. The show is clearly delivering what fans of the original want more of.

3. The Voice is ringing in the ears of 12.3 million fans.


4. Person of Interest has the interest of at least 9.7 million persons.

5. The series premiere of Marry Me launched with 7.5 million, which is usually a solid number for a sitcom but pretty flimsy coming off its Voice lead-in.

6. Chicago Fire is not exactly a barn-burner at 7.1 million.

7. And About a Boy took in 5.8 million for its season premiere.

Also of note: we don’t even get to point and laugh at Utopia on Tuesdays because Fox has trimmed the reality bomb back to one night a week (Fridays). However, The CW has got to thrilled with how fast The Flash has taken off, bringing back more than 4 million viewers for episode 2. More precisely, Flash is around 4.3 million–in the ballpark of Agents of SHIELD‘s 4.7 million, which has got to be an embarrassment to both ABC and Marvel.

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