NBC rules against Bad Judge, A to Z

NBC rules against Bad Judge, A to Z

Dying after 13 episodes… so more like “A to M”

Goodbye, Bad Judge and A to Z. We never got the chance to know you well, but we got to know you well enough.

NBC is killing both shows, which air back to back in the 9/8 hour on Thursdays, but it’ll be a slow death. Rather than yanking them off the air immediately like ABC did with Manhattan Love Story, the Peacock will leave both sitcoms in their usual spots while the remaining shot-but-not-yet-aired episodes play out.


Last Thursday’s ratings made this a really easy call for NBC. With Thursday Night Football transitioning away from the CBS lineup as planned, the Eye finally got to debut the regular Thursday night shows that Bad Judge and A to Z will compete against… and it was a bloodbath.

Two and a Half Men brought in 10.3 million viewers, compared to Bad Judge’s 3.9 million. And the series debut of The McCarthys scored 8.1 million vs. A to Z’s 2.5 million.

What did HNTP predict before the season kicked off?

For Bad Judge: “This show survives only because NBC has no plan B. Instead of cancellation, expect NBC to step in a clean house at some point during or after the season.”

So we were right that the ratings would suck, but wrong that NBC would stick with it anyway. We’ll call that a swing and a miss.

For A to Z: “Earns a second season.” Yep, that’s a clear strike.

For those keeping score, our prediction record for the 2014 Fall Season is 1-2.

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