NBC commits to making Neil Patrick Harris the next Ed Sullivan

neil patrick harris ed sullivan

Do you remember The Ed Sullivan Show? No, you were not yet born. Neither was Neil Patrick Harris, but he’s much more erudite than you and would like to like to be the next Ed Sullivan, if that’s okay with you. Yes, it is okay with you, because you love Neil Patrick Harris and he can do whatever he wants, including becoming the next that-guy-who-disapproves-of-popular-music-acts-and-pronounces-“show”-kind-of-weird-and-that’s-all-you-know-about-Ed-Sullivan-without-looking-at-Wikipedia.


Neil, why don’t you educate us on what you think it means to be Ed Sullivan…

“Once a week I’d get to, like, show everyone amazing performances on Broadway, amazing magicians, this great restaurant that we went to — to be a bit of a tastemaker,” he told PBS’s Charlie Rose yesterday.

And Neil will get his wish! NBC just announced it’s adapting British variety show Saturday Night Takeaway and NPH will be the host.

The Americanized version of the show—which doesn’t have a title yet—will air live from New York. It’ll “feature comedy sketches, musical numbers, mini game shows, hidden camera pranks on celebrities and appearances by ‘A-list stars,’” says Deadline.

As much as NPH wants to follow in Sullivan’s footsteps, he tells Charlie Rose that his new show will take the “attention span” of modern audiences into account:

“And so when you used to watch Ed Sullivan or any of those morning variety shows, the magician could do eight minutes. He would come in his tails. He’s make his cane vanish. He’d do some card [tricks]. He’d produce a dove. … You have to do a show now where it’s their best 2 1/2 minutes. Next! Instead of six acts, you have 26 acts. … It’s like America’s Got Talent. That’s why it’s so successful now. You want to meet the person, see their best thing, talk about it, move on. I think that’s the difference now.”

(Transcript courtesy Deadline.)

NBC has committed to 10 episodes of the new show. Here’s more from NPH with Charlie Rose:

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