Nate Silver Whinings Playbook: Why Doesn’t Paul Krugman Love Him No More?

Nate Silver Whinings Playbook: Why Doesn't Paul Krugman Love Him No More?

We have complex feels about Nate Silver’s new data driven context providing empire, 538. We like it better than Ezra Klein’s well-funded vanity project, but then Silver slatepitch hired a climate change skeptic. We’re tipping fast towards unlike, however, thanks to Silver’s latest column, which is an extended whine about how Paul Krugman unfriended him.

Silver starts out all neutral, the way you do when you’re pretending about joking about something that pisses you off but really you are winding up to ride the wahhhmbulance about whatever distresses you.

A New York Times columnist has expressed substantially more negative sentiments about FiveThirtyEight since it left The New York Times, according to a FiveThirtyEight analysis.

The columnist, Paul Krugman, who writes about economics and politics for The Times, has referred to FiveThirtyEight or editor-in-chief Nate Silver 33 times on his blog. FiveThirtyEight classified each reference based on whether it expressed a favorable, unfavorable or neutral sentiment toward FiveThirtyEight.

Is there a chart? Of course there’s a fucking chart. Are we going to embed it here? Fuck no. We are not a data-driven context providing blog, and we do not have enough monies to be an empire of any sort. We’ll just move on to the next phase of Silver whining, which is to note that, horror of horrors, Paul Krugman seems to talk of him LESS FAVORABLY now that Silver is not at the Times. THE HORROR.

During FiveThirtyEight’s tenure with The New York Times, Mr. Krugman referred to FiveThirtyEight or to Nate Silver 21 times. Over all, 15 of these references were favorable, as compared to five neutral references and one unfavorable one.

But Mr. Krugman’s views of FiveThirtyEight have changed since it re-launched March 17 under the auspices of ESPN. The columnist has mentioned FiveThirtyEight four times in just nine days, all in negative contexts. (Mr. Silver has frequently criticized what he calls “pundits” and “opinion journalists,” including those who write for The Times.)

What is all this we can’t even. OK, first, Nate Silver, you are writing about yourself, Nate Silver. Stop referring to yourself in some weird distant third person corporation way because you don’t want to actively sound like you are whining about Paul Krugman. We here at Happy and Wonk refer to ourselves with the royal we, but that is because we are commies and therefore do not individuate. You, Nate Silver, just sound as weird as when Whitney did it.

Next, are you really all that surprised that Paul Krugman loved you more when you worked with him? This is not an unusual thing!! Perhaps you have not had enough jobs, Nate Silver. Finally, you criticize opinion journalists — like Krugman — ALL THE TIME.

Learn to take what you dish out, you big baby, because your sads are not the data driven context providing graphs we are looking for.


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  • manndan

    Get back to us Nate after you win a Nobel Prize.

    • bargal20

      Krugman isn’t a Nobel Prize winner either. There is no Nobel Prize in economics. It’s the “Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel” Prize. It was created by the Central Bank of Sweden in 1969. It’s a scam designed to make it seem as if economics is a science.

      • glasspusher

        Well, yeah, but there’s no Nobel Prize for Math, either…

  • Mahousu

    I think it was supposed to be satire, which only proves that Nate Silver can’t do satire.

    • Rick Hill

      Numbers guys and conservatives usually don’t have a sense of humor that translates well beyond their small circle, anyway.

  • Greg Comlish

    Skeptical Science did an awesome response to climate BS at silver’s new website:

  • DeSwiss

    And I’m actually royal, so I can say royal we’s all day sucka!

    • $73376667

      Listening to that Lorde song over and over again doesn’t actually make you royal.

      • DeSwiss

        I got mine at It has a warranty. :-P

        • $73376667

          Didn’t His Excellency the Lord Congressman Charles Boustany (R-peerage) try something like that?

  • Mastermind Excello

    You completely missed the point. Nate Silver is pointing out that Paul Krugman has abandoned even the pretense of intellectual rigor. Clearly, Krugman is the result of a Robert Reich cloning experiment gone horribly awry.

    • glasspusher

      height isn’t everything, I guess.

  • $73376667

    The portion of this that appears on TerribleNewsForTerriblePeople does not also appear here.

  • LiveFreeOrWatchTV

    It’s not just Krugman, everywhere you look someone’s been hammering on Silver for very sloppy work in any number of areas. Someones who know a lot better than Silver’s minions the topics they’re trying, and failing, to address. I think Krugman is frustrated because Silver has done some excellent work and is now blowing his credibility to shreds. That’s completely justified.

  • glasspusher

    I’m sad about Whitney- not like I ever bought any of her music, but such a promising life and career gone south. So sad.