Nashville Recap: Pills And Chills And Robin Roberts

Remember last week when our Nashville recap was nothing but teen drama? Let’s not do that on this week’s episode, please.

We kick things off with Deacon smashing up his house until he finds what he’s looking for: a big old bottle of whiskey to take the pain of cheating Megan away. We see him stare at it with that loving grimace face teevee shows always use to convey addiction, but we cut away before he actually gets his drink on.

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Luke and Rayna are talking about Deacon and Luke’s reaction to the whole Deacon Daddy problem. Luke has had a sad about Deacon for years, apparently, because way back in Deacon’s super-drunky days, Luke had to sit in for Deacon at a Rayna show and has loved Rayna ever since or something like that. We do not care because it is Luke Wheeler. In a Deacon-Luke fight, we’re gonna pick Deacon, freal.


Looks like teen drama is going to continue with a vengeance, because either Maddie didn’t take her “Maddie Claybourne” YouTube thingy down, or the ladies at The View got to it right quick. So now we watch Rayna watching Barbara Walters and Whoopie and company go through the whole little drama, including showing the full video. TOO MUCH MADDIE.

Juliette and manager are talking about her tour, which is still smallish. Country stations still won’t play Juliette, and she’s extra-pissed because signing with Rayna doesn’t seem to have solved this either. Her manager mentions that if only she knew someone high up in the radio business, she might be able to get some help. Hel-lo, Charlie Wentworth. We were wondering if you’d pop back up. Will he come between the bliss that is Juliette and Avery? Probably.

Zoey has some new headshots to try to push her backup singer career along. Meanwhile, Gunnar has stopped listening entirely because he just got his first royalty check for $400,000. Nope, not a typo.

Surprise visit from Scarlett’s mom, who we did not even know existed. We sorta thought Scarlett was an orphan raised by Deacon. Oh hey, Mom is Tyra’s mom from Friday Night Lights!

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Deacon’s there and insisting he didn’t drink (and he does not seem drunk, for reals!) and also too is pretty pissed that Rayna brought Luke, which is totally legit.

Oh, shit. Rayna is there because of the whole Deacon Daddy thing, but Deacon has been hiding out over his sads about Megan and, with no cell service in Rustic Land, has no idea everything has gone crazy about Maddie. Rayna wants Deacon to sit down with her and Teddy and talk about Maddie, but Deacon is having none of it, not, of course, because of Maddie, but because Teddy had car sex with Megan. He won’t tell Rayna why, and just keeps repeating “you ask him” in tones of escalating weary menace.

Scarlett is sad and mad about mom and wants to talk to mom about…something. We don’t know what. It’s a mysterious conversation with Avery and now we’re going to have to wait to find out because it is time to go listen to Zoey record her demo tape, which Gunnar is paying for. She sounds nice. Nothing special but we don’t think this solo singing in the studio is where her talents really lie. If they’re going to have her as part of the country-gospel tradition they seem to want to embed her in, they’re going to have to let her tear it up.

Meanwhile, Gunnar gets a call about a show, but it is someone that only wants to book his band, which now does not exist. Ouch.

On the Juliette front, Charlie is more than happy to help, but seems to think that Juliette is also interested in rekindling their romance. Sorry Charlie. He tells her he’ll send some programming people to her show and make sure they promote her record, but he’s brittle and sad and pouty about it.

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Rayna’s yelling at Teddy about how he can’t keep it in his pants in regards to Miss Megan. We wonder how ANYONE wants to let boring Teddy in their pants, but maybe that is just us. Teddy self-righteously turns this around to being all Deacon’s fault and he is not gonna be shoved aside and blah blah shut up Teddy.


Cut to Scarlett and mom watching the footage of the Deacon Daddy scrum, and mom is pissed that Scarlett knew about Maddie but didn’t tell her. Mom is pissed because she was left out of the loop and she should have known she had a niece and Deacon and Scarlett are excluding her because she is not famous. Something about Mom’s behavior makes us think that she might have been (still be?) full on abusive to Scarlett – there’s some screaming and an arm pinch that is a completely weird and space-invading thing to do to any adult, even if that adult is your child. We don’t like Mom, but Mom may explain why Scarlett always teeters between timid and terrified.

Juliette tells Avery that Charlie tried to kiss her, expecting some sort of worrisome conversation, but instead Avery is chill, Juliette is surprised, and they kiss in her oversized tub surrounding with candles and wine, like you do.

Zoey’s demo and headshot are happiness-making, but Nashville booking lady says there’s nothing happening in Nashville at the moment, but she’s got some connections in Los Angeles if Zoey wants to do some backup singing in rock or rap or hippity-hop. Are they going to shuffle Zoey off the show??

Scarlett’s getting ready for her show, but while she’s been getting dressed, Mom has been jamming with Scarlett’s band, singing one of the best country songs of all time, Tammy Wynette’s “Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad.” In order to face Mom, Scarlett swallows some pills.

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We can’t really blame her.

The band loves Mom, because Mom is some Jekyll and Hyde shit.

Ooh, snap. Scarlett has Mom step aside to do her soundcheck, and decides to play “Black Roses,” and dedicates it to Mom. It’s a bleak little number about sharp words and being left alone in a house on fire. We had no idea this was a Mom song, but now that we hear it in this context, it makes much more sense — and makes for a much better song than if it was a regular forlorn Scarlett song. It’s still arranged too much like a Taylor Swift song though.

It isn’t clear if Mom is crying tears of sad or tears of rage and follows her out into the hallway, where she slams Scarlett against a wall and screams at her and then we have flashback time and hell yeah Mom was an abusive monster and still is, as she basically tries to choke Scarlett right there in the hallway. Jesus.

Maddie wants her younger sister, the utterly non-dramatic Daphne, to sing along with her, but Daphne is not feeling like getting dragged into the drama queen nightmare hellscape that is teen Maddie. Maddie apologizes for posting the video in which she basically de-sistered Daphne by taking Deacon’s last name, and starts singing a song from last season, assuming Daphne will succumb to her siren song. At first, Daphne is having none of it, but then the allure of singing a Lumineers cover proves too much for her and they have duet time. Music is magic!


Rayna’s getting ready for her interview where she shares all things Maddie with the world, even though everyone already knows about it. She’s wondering whether she should have told Deacon all those years ago that Maddie was his kid. For fuck’s sake, Rayna. Bygones.

Gunnar is pouty that Zoey is thinking about heading out to LA for a few weeks to see what is available. Gunnar tells her to stay in Nashville, quit her job and “let music be her mentor.” What the fuck does that mean? He says she can move in and he can take care of her, but she tells him she doesn’t want a sugar daddy and he should follow his dreams. Yeah, we think Zoey is leaving.

Time for Juliette’s concert, and here is Charlie Wentworth backstage strutting around like he owns the joint, which he kinda does, since he is basically Clear Channel personified. Avery and Charlie have a verbal dustup over Juliette, and Avery tells him he can’t buy Juliette and never could. You go, Avery.

Scarlett goes to Juliette to ask if she can have the night off from being an opening act. Juliette tells her that this isn’t Dairy Queen and you just can’t take the night off. Juliette knows it is about Mom, and no one knows Mom trouble like Juliette, so she gives Scarlett a 30-second pep talk and tells her to get on out there. Oh, and she reminds her that there are a lot of important radio people out there that night, so a good show is extra important.

Now Scarlett is going to mix her pills with booze.

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In some hot hot ABC crossover action, Rayna’s interview about Maddie is with Good Morning America and Robin Roberts. Deacon shows up at the last minute and says he wants to talk too, but he’s a sullen unshaven mess about it.

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Rayna is trying to give a prepared speech, but Deacon does that thing where he rubs his face like he has a headache and then interrupts her to say that he’s the dad. It sounds as if he’s ramping up to yell about how his child was raised by another man, but instead he comes clean about how he was a drunk and was never ready to be a father back then. Teddy and Rayna talk about how they were honest with each other from the beginning and everyone is actually very nice and reasonable about it. It’s very unsettling when everyone is nice and non-lying on this show. Now we’re only left with Luke being sullen about how this excludes him somehow. He goes out to his car and punches the seat like a real man. Go away, Luke.

Rayna goes to visit Deacon and though he was chill on camera, he’s pretty besaddened about never knowing Maddie was his kid, and he tells Rayna that he’s not sure she ever would have told him — which is probably true. He says he went on camera for Maddie, but that’s it. She reminds him that she wanted to marry him back then but it wasn’t meant to be, and then there was never a good time to wreck her kid’s life by telling her, and then also too when she DID tell Deacon, he got drunk and almost killed Rayna. Good points.


Scarlett is a mess. A stumbly mess, because she is loaded. Avery is trying to prevent her from getting up onstage in that state, but he’s blocked by Charlie, who is hitting on Scarlett and being a sleazoid. As Avery and Charlie shove one another, Scarlett slips right past on to the stage. Mom is right in the front row and Scarlett can’t even start the song and breaks down on stage and hides under the piano as Avery rushes to her side.

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OK yeah we super hate Mom now, and we’ll no doubt have ample time to hate her more when the show returns in a few weeks.

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