Nancy Grace Contracts Reefer Madness, That Grantland Trans* Story, And More In The Week In Media

Reefer Madness

Nancy Grace, who never met a murdered child she couldn’t lick her lips over in slavering glee, has some Thoughts on The Pot, and they are that marijuana will make you murder and strangle and shoot your whole family. Tell us something we don’t know, Nancy!


Before starting on her marihuana-induced psychosis about all the people tripping on the pot murdering families with their bare hands, Nancy Grace showed off some of her vaunted mad prosecutor skillz as she grilled Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project.

“In a nutshell, could you say why you think marijuana should be legalized — because, I mean, you know it’s addictive, highly addictive.”

Tvert replied that “marijuana’s addictive properties have been found to be actually pretty mild compared to alcohol and tobacco, and even caffeine.”

“So you — you are admitting it is addictive,” Grace interjected.

“Yes,” Tvert replied, “so is sex, so are video games.”

“So you’re admitting it! You’re admitting it!”

Well you can’t argue that. No, really, you can’t. You can just sort of look at her and make a face and go about your day.

But let us hear more of the ghastly Things She Has Seen.

“The reason I’m against legalization is that I’ve seen too many felonies — felonies — and I don’t mean pot sales or growing pot,” she continued. “I mean people on pot that shoot each other, that stab each other, that strangle each other, that kill whole families — wipe out a whole family.”

“You sound like you’re from the 1930s,” Tvert responded.

“No, no,” Grace replied. “The first time — there was this gorgeous lady standing in the middle of the courtroom crying, and I didn’t understand what was going on. They said she was a stockbroker. She had got addicted to pot, ended up losing her job, wrecked her car, couldn’t make her house payments on her house, so her husband got custody of the children, and now she has no house, no car, no family, nothing.”

Well, that is quite a jump there. She promised us felonies — felonies — and then only came up with a woman who lost her job and couldn’t make her mortgage payments. And that lady didn’t even murder a single family. NANCY GRACE PROMISED US STABBED AND STRANGLED FAMILIES. What a gyp.


‘You Are About to Commit a Hate Crime’

Nancy Grace Contracts Reefer Madness, That Grantland Trans* Story, And More In The Week In MediaEverybody’s mad about the Grantland story on “Dr. V.” You mad? Well try harder!

The story is a beautifully reported piece of suspense, as we follow along with Caleb Hannan as he realizes something is off about the physicist whose golf putter has revolutionized … I don’t know, something golfy. (That someone has eight months to report a story about a really great putter is one of those delightful mysteries of publishing.)

The problem with Hannan’s story, and it is not a minor one, is the unrestrained delight he (perhaps unconsciously) shows in outing “Dr.” Vanderbilt’s transgenderism. DID YOU KNOW SHE WAS A MAN? he practically yells at one of her investors. The investor is like, “gee, nope, I hadn’t known that. Oh well, I guess I am gullible.” The investor has far better manners, and seemingly more empathy, than does Hannan.


“Dr.” Essay Vanderbilt committed suicide before the piece was published; Hannan calls his investigation into her fake credentials and lies a “eulogy.” And her credentials were fake. She did not work on any bombers; she was not a doctor who graduated from MIT. She sued people, a lot, and seems to have been a total jerk. Her need to control through intimidation and misdirection speaks of a kind of paranoid unraveling.

But Hannan tries too hard to justify his drilling down into the story; he is investigating because she is “defrauding” investors.

I was under the belief that what had transpired at Yar was ultimately harmless until I heard from a mysterious “silent investor” whom both Jordan and Dr. V had alluded to in our previous talks. His name was Phil Kinney. He was a retiree from Pittsburgh and he said he wasn’t the only one who had put money into the company. He had invested $60,000 — money that he believed he’d never see again. […]

Maybe the most surprising thing about my conversation with Kinney was how calmly he took the news that the woman he thought was an aerospace engineer had once been a man, and a mechanic. “I’m pretty dang gullible, I guess,” he said. For all the hassle that came with his partnership with Dr. V, what had kept him going was the putter. That was what Kinney couldn’t understand. If Yar had simply been a scam, the story would have been much simpler. But the Oracle worked. And Dr. V seemed more interested in achieving fame as a club designer than in getting rich.

“She could have took my money and ran,” he said. “But she didn’t. She took it and built a great product.”

I’m no lawyer, but that seems like a hard case to make for “evil grifter.”

At one point, Vanderbilt tells Hannan he is about to commit “a hate crime.”

A few days later, Dr. V sent one final email. It had her signature mix of scattered punctuation and randomly capitalized words. Once upon a time I had brushed off these grammatical quirks, but now they seemed like outward expressions of the inner chaos she struggled to contain. “To whom this may concern,” it read. “I spoke with Caleb Hannan last Saturday his deportment is reminiscent to schoolyard bullies, his sole intention is to injure or bring harm to me … Because of a computer glitch, some documents that are germane only to me, were visible to web-viewers, government officials have now rectified this egregious condition … Caleb Hannan came into possession of documents that were clearly marked: MADE NON-PUBLIC (Restricted) … Exposing NON-PUBLIC Documents is a Crime, and prosecution of such are under the auspices of many State and Federal Laws, including Hate Crimes Legislation signed into Law by President Obama.”

Clearly Hannan is “thrilled” (he says so) when he discovers Vanderbilt’s career as an auto mechanic does not line up with her fraudulent (physicist, Department of Defense) credentials. After all, you report out a story for eight months, Sherlock Holmesing some lies is a pure rush. And there is no way to report that without explaining she used to have a man’s name.


(Some of the complaints on Twitter — and they were legion — revolved around Hannan’s “misuse” of pronouns, but Hannan only referred to Vanderbilt as “he” or “him” for a few short paragraphs when discussing the period of her life when she lived as a man, with a man’s name, married to a woman, and we think that’s completely correct.)

Our verdict, and it is mushy: Hannan’s tale is suspenseful and beautifully written. We even read the parts about the putter. We don’t find Vanderbilt’s suicide to be on Hannan’s head, nor his reporting “a hate crime.” Her lies were bold and brassy, and a solid basis for reporting … if you have eight months to report on a company that makes putters. (Which is probably the problem.) And if anyone had actually been defrauded. But his “thrill” about passing on her birth gender, to anyone who would listen and now millions more, is really fucking unseemly. And without it, “wasn’t actually an MIT physicist who worked at DoD, sued some people a few times, has a family who hates her” probably wouldn’t have made the cut. Stop reporting on shit for eight months, people. It makes you lose your sense of proportion.


Ben Shapiro Bitches About the Oscars

pl travers emma thompsonHow are the communist liberal Hollywood Elite destroying America today, Ben Shapiro? By not nominating children’s movies for the Academy Awards! First Shapiro explains that many films that won Razzies outperformed their Oscar-nominee counterparts. This is a problem with America’s critics being snobby and ALSO with America’s moviegoing audiences being Vulgar. (Duh.) Ben Shapiro, always getting it both ways.

[But] many popular films this year were quite good: take The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, or Monsters University. The problem: These are all films with mass appeal — and some even appeal to children. But gone are days when Beauty and the Beast could be nominated for Best Picture. Instead, qualifications for Best Picture include AIDS (Dallas Buyers Club), rage against the Catholic Church (Philomena), alienation from humanity (Her), bleakness on the prairie (Nebraska), and the decay of Western civilization (The Wolf of Wall Street).

Would it be so terrible to see a Best Picture lineup including Hunger Games? Or Frozen? Or even the wildly overlooked Saving Mr. Banks?

Well, yes, that would be so terrible, Shapiro. Because we saw Saving Mr. Banks, and Her, and one was way much better than the other! (We don’t go to the movies very much, except when we are paying us to go to the movies. But Dok did not find Philomena to be a “rage against the Catholic Church,” and Snipy really loved Wolf of Wall Street. But then, they are Idaho and Minnesota Elites, and also Snipy is gaaaaaaay.)

According to the elitists, that would be a crime. That’s because it is unimportant to celebrate simple virtues such as sisterly love (Frozen) or to create a film about resistance to tyranny that isn’t set in George W. Bush’s United States (Hunger Games). It’s far more important to tell American society that it is deeply disturbed and evil. Films that do that have a better shot at Oscar gold than films that actually earn box office gold.

This is so dumb and boring we don’t even want to respond to it, like, “Why didn’t Chicken Soup for the Soul Vol. 13 get the Newberry Medal, INPEACH!” or whatever. So we will just leave it there.



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