His Name Is Prince, And He Is Funky, And He Has A Record Deal With Warner Brothers Again

It’s weird to think that it’s been over 20 years since Prince turned himself into the unpronounceable glyph-thingy because of how Warner Brothers was slaving him and he had to be emancipated.


Looks like in the intervening 20+ years, Prince (he’s Prince again, by the way, not Glyph) and Warner Brothers kissed and made up and announced a big old distribution deal today.

In light of this, let’s take a moment to remember some of the great things the Glyph era gave us. It gave us awesome guessing games about how to refer to GlyphPrince, because he refused to say how.

The singer’s hometown newspaper, Minneapolis’ Star Tribune, polled readers on suggestions on what to call [the Artist formerly known as Prince]. Among the responses: Ambiguity, Mysterious Illness, and, commonly, Pat (after Saturday Night Live’s ambisexual character). MTV, for its part, took to referring to the glyph on-air with a metallic clanking noise. Eventually, spokespeople for the singer relented and condoned the use of a slightly more wieldy title: the Artist Formerly Known as Prince.

It also gave us the bestest Super Bowl phallocentric guitar performance ever, as Prince used his GlyphGuitar to create the sexiest devil cock one could ever get away with on broadcast teevee.


Let’s face it. Prince as satyr was never that far a reach. We bet you wish we’d posted a video of that SuperBowl performance, don’t you? Haha there are no legit and watchable recordings of that thing on the internet because Prince gets them taken down as soon as they go up and we do not want to be sued by Prince. Instead, why not watch this totally legit posted by Prince’s official account on YouTube live version of Let’s Go Crazy from earlier this year in Manchester.


Hmmm. That still figures Glyphy pretty prominently, doesn’t it?

Anyway, about how Prince and Warner Brothers are reunited and it feels so good, it looks like a deal where everyone wins.

[Warner Brothers] announced today a new licensing deal with Minneapolis’ Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, the timing of which points to the approaching 30th anniversary of “Purple Rain.” A first-ever remastered deluxe-edition of the 1984 masterpiece will be the first product of the new/old partnership. More unreleased music from a variety of eras is also now promised. […] The deal will also include the release of a new Prince album.

Given that we all know Prince’s music vaults contain eleventy million songs, it is great to hear that people might be getting their mitts on some of those records. However, Prince made sure to get his in this deal as well, as he gets back ownership of everything Warner Brothers first issued, from 1978’s For You up through the early 1990s.

Prince completists are most interested in knowing if this deal will lead to the release of the Holy Grail of Prince recordings.

One legendary vault item that has always been on the radar but never seen the daylight is the actual “Purple Rain” live recording at First Avenue in 1983, which was used/molded into the “studio” version of the song “Purple Rain” and several other tracks on that album.

We’re so happy these two crazy kids figured out a way to make it work. Congrats!

[Vanity Fair/Star Tribune]

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  • Respiteini

    Is it okay to fanboy on a website as cool and fashionable as Wonkette’s Side-booby cousin?

    • it is always ok, even mandatory, to fanboy about prince.

      • Monty

        You have chosen…poorly.I can defeat you in one word: GeorgeClintonandParliamentFunkadelic.One party to rule them all.

    • Nixon, etc.

      THIS IS THE SEXIEST NEWS OF 2014!!!11!!It’s funny, but I was going to reference “Electric Intercourse” w/o acknowledging that there are non-Prince fans here. Poor, empty shells who haven’t been waiting 30 years for a proper release of this track, and the eleventy-billion others from that moment. But, I guess, such weirdos do exist (thanks, Internet!)…Yeah, I wrote “Electric Intercourse” without eye-rolling or saying “cringe-inducing.” Prince’ll do that to a sensible person.If this announcement doesn’t get you stoked, you are 1) too old, or 2) too young, or 3) terminally un-sexy.