Naked Hockey Man Sent Us Naked Hockey Pic

Wow, people are really digging our post How I Fell in Love With Hockey, or Why Puckball Freaking Rules! So much so that they’re sending us naughty pictures of themselves doing hockey things. Here is very nice author Dave Bidini, who wrote a book called Keon and Me: My Search For the Lost Soul of the Leafs.  He also wrote Tropic of Hockey: My Search for the Game in Unlikely Places. Apparently he used to despise hockey, and now he’s super-into it! Anyway, he did this charity calendar for literacy or something, whatever, we do not care about that, the point is that he is wearing zero clothes and has nice thighs. Wheee!

Naked Hockey Man Sent Us Naked Hockey Pic

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  • glasspusher

    You see what you did? YOU SEE WHAT YOU DID?!

  • mtn_philosoph

    Naked hockey — now there’s a thought. Just be prepared for a lot of whistles for high sticking.