Myra Breckinridge (1970) (part 7 of 12)

Cut to Myra entering Buck’s office, and she’s dressed in riding clothes, complete with red blazer, riding crop, and a top hat trimmed with chiffon. Buck begins to speak, but Myra slaps his desk with her riding crop and yells at him to “Stand up when a lady comes into the room, you son of a bitch!”

Buck doesn’t stand, but he does claim that there’s no record of Myron ever getting married. “No how, no place, not to you or nobody!” Myra asks him if he thinks he’s clever, to which Buck claims to be “smarter’n a flea in a feather bed!” Nope, no idea what that means. He tells her the “con game” is up, but Myra gets him to reiterate his assertion that there’s no record of Myron getting married in “the whole United States”.

She quickly whips out a marriage certificate proving she and Myron were married in Mexico. Suddenly, salsa music is heard, and we cut to a clip of Carmen Miranda performing in all of her fruit basket headgear regalia. Subtle. Very, very subtle.

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Multi-Part Article: Myra Breckinridge (1970)

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