RAW FEED: My Top 10 UNPOPULAR Movie Opinions | The Unusual Suspect

From discussing the intricacies of academy voting to liking fart jokes, I lay down 10 of my most divisive movie opinions. Dislikes at the ready!

I mention a great video @Il Neige did on Dragon Ball Evolution, check that out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZqCc82rC4c

0:00 Intro
1:16 10. I prefer watching movies solo
5:09 9. I’m kinda happy movie theatres are closed
9:29 8. TV Shows are better than movies
11:50 7. James Bond films haven’t aged well
16:20 6. There’s nothing wrong about sequels/remakes
19:42 5. Best actor/actress should be merged
24:10 4. Award shows are BS
27:29 3. Adaptations don’t have to be faithful to be good
30:38 2. I like fart jokes
32:54 1. I like Jar Jar Binks
38:14 Outro
38:43 Credits & Patreon Thanks
39:43 End Screen


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