RAW FEED: My Thoughts on Inside Out (Vlog)

Does Pixar manage to create a film that advocates mental health and succeeds? Let’s find out!

Use of movie clips are done under fair use of copyright for entertainment, educational and parody reasons.

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  • Gear√≥id

    Well done, have been watching your videos for a while now. Though not a fan of western animation will definitely try to see this. Mental health is close to my life as well and I agree that more services should be provided for people, especially the positive services for individuals.
    Where I am from the services are diabolical unless you have money, I am from Ireland.

  • danbreunig

    I thought this would only be “Herman’s Head: The Movie” (yes, this very plot was already done before on early 90s Fox TV) and just wanted to skip one more stagnant Pixar film of the year.

    Then I watched your vlog now and got into the psychology aspect you described. I’ll take your word for this movie’s worth based on what you say about how it reflects on mental constructs in character form, instead of focusing too much on wacky characters and overuse of humor/drama that so many animated movies currently fall prey to. Plus I’ve had some experience of my own in mental health so it’s not a subject that would be lost on me. I still won’t go see it in the theatre (because of how thin my pocket
    feels right now), but I’m sure to give it a watch when it hits the rental.

    My best to you, dear Joey, in your psychology studies. You sound like you’re well on your way to success in such a field. Having a passion for animation doesn’t hurt any, either. ūüôā