RAW FEED: My Thoughts on Fant-Four-sic (Vlog-style)

I ramble about the new Fantastic Four movie-trailer, wondering if it’s going to be a good adaptation or a generic sci-fi experience.

Use of movie clips are done under fair use of copyright for entertainment, educational and parody reasons.

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  • Jonathan Campbell

    Johnny isn’t adopted in this movie; Sue is the adopted one. Their dad Dr Franklin Storm is black in this continuity also (and can be seen in the trailer).

    And its VON Doom. Respect the Von.

    • I’ll give them points for creativity there. 999 times out of 1000 when we see mixed race families where adoption is involved it’s always a white family adopting a Black or Asian child. Nice to see Hollywood willing to shake that up a bit.

      Even though the movie is still probably gonna suck, but that’s just because for a movie called Fantastic Four, it looks utterly joyless. I’m all for dark movies, but only up to a point. You can get away with a dark tone in a Watchmen movie, a Batman movie, even a Godzilla movie. But the Fantastic Four?