These My Little Pony Plushies Will Watch Season 4 With Us In Manly Splendor

We are counting down the days, the anticipation building, our just-can’t-waitness growing with each passing day. Sometimes we find ourselves just staring out the window instead of working, daydreaming about what we’ll get.

Christmas? Screw that, we’re talking about the season 4 premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, set for November 23. Until the new episodes start playing, we have to make do with fan-made stuff like that “Friendship is Manly” video up there, which, brilliant though it is, is not enough. We need Pony in our lives, you see. And new Pony is better than reruns on Netflix. Unless they screw it up and TOTALLY RUIN THE SERIES FOREVER. (Friendship may be magic, but Fandom is Drama.) And to think, a year ago we were being all ironic about these little marshmallow horses…and now, they take up a surprising amount of our brainspace. No worries, it would have just been frittered away on anime anyway.

So anyway, for Hearth’s Warming Eve, the fake pony Christmas analogue, what we really want is one… no, ALL of these fine MLP plushies from Think Geek at just $19.99 a pop.
These My Little Pony Plushies Will Watch Season 4 With Us In Manly Splendor

(OK, what we really want is the Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie from 4th Dimension, but they don’t yet have all of the Mane Six, so you can get us the other 4 from Think Geek, ‘K?)

Now, should you be in the market for MLP plushies for the Brony in your life (and you have one, oh yes you do, whether you know it or not), you should be aware that these Think Geek plushies are not “show-accurate” — most notably, like Hasbro’s plastic toys, these have the characters’ “cutie marks” on only one flank, which makes the 4DE models clear winners. This is something your hardcore collector loon may actually complain about, not that we would ever stoop to such nitpicking. (But really, would it be that hard to get it right?) Even so, these are far better than the ribbon-maned plushies carried by most toy stores, and would be a fine addition to any Brony’s home, which you never want to visit, ever.

Now, if somebody would just make a half decent Scootaloo… (please… we need help.)

[We are going to turn this gift list back over to Lisa, who has far better taste in her Christmas List. Better buy Yr Dok Zoom a pony, or you will hear from him again…]

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  • $73376667

    Now, if somebody would just make a half decent Scootaloo

    My “social” “circle” is in agreement: the Cutie Mark Crusaders are dangerously close to getting all Scrappy on everything.

    • doktorzoom

      I’d agree that was the case in Season 1, but they’ve kind of grown on me. Not a fan of Sweetie Belle singing, tho.

  • docterry6973

    Manly friendship is strangely attractive to me.

  • Zippy W Pinhead

    Tom would be proud…

    • doktorzoom

      Tom of Finland, or this Tom?

  • Dolmance

    It might not be the most atypical literary prop, but that lizard really tied everything together nicely.

  • Kaylakaze

    Why do all the pony toys, except the blind bag figures, look horrible?

    • doktorzoom

      Oddly, Hasbro’s ponies are the worst of the lot. Funko’s vinyl pony figures are actually pretty darn good-looking.

      • Kaylakaze

        Yeah, but there’s no Twilight Sparkle :-( (apparently I don’t get emailed about responses to Happy Nicetime comments like I do Wonkette, so I noticed the response REALLY late)

  • flipdraw_mc_graw

    Dok Zoom, I fully and completely blame you for my limited attention span, now occupied by MLP. But, onto important things: will the alicorn-ification of Twilight Sparkle turn out to be regular lame or super lame? The wait will be over soon.

  • mtn_philosoph

    I should have known that this would prove to be a gateway drug. My addiction to All Things Wonkette/HNTP is having unfortunate side effects. I am finding it increasingly difficult to resist the slide down the slippery slope into full-blown Bronymania. I’m not there yet, but the pull is getting really strong. It is my secret shame.The weird part about it is that I am older than MLP’s target demographic by a factor of 10. And even more bizarre, I have never seen even one minute of the series in any of its incarnations. It’s all hit me while separated by at least one degree, via the Brony phenomenon. (Dok is far from being the only mannuliphile that I have encountered, so no blame here.)

  • mamba

    Why do the majority of the “official” plushies capture almost none of the PERSONALITIES of their respective ponies? They all seem to have that standing-at-attention body pose, a body that just captures the distinctive features/colours, and a face that is somewhere between “retarded crack user” and “just realized I have a mouse in my butt” expression?

    If this isn’t coming across…imagine if every GI-Joe figure, good guy or bad guy, had an openmouth poop face with a smile and you might see the problem. How could you take it seriously?

    There are exceptions, and I grab them when I see them, but they seem so rare! I mean, Applejack is a happy wink-country girl, so show her as one. Fluttershy is shy and kind, so why not have her eyes/face reflect this? Rainbow is “aww-yeah!” in her attitude and Rarity is a diva but you never see that in the dolls. I could go on and on of course…

    We just don’t like the basic look of the characters, we like the…well…the CHARACTERS, so let’s see that come across. when I see ones like the ones above, mi mind goes to “cheap knockoff” because I’m not seeing the characters I like…I’m seeing a terrible clone copy imposter.