My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic “Three’s a Crowd”

Here we go again, with another My Little Pony episode that seems to have split the fanbase. Some really loved it and some highly disliked it. But these recaps are all about what I think, and I think… that it was alright.

“Three’s a Crowd” is the eleventh episode of the fourth season, and thus we’re now right in the middle of the season, where the ball has been rolling for a while and we have a pretty good idea of how things are going. And so far, this season has been a mix of completely original episodes, and episodes that draw upon the show’s continuity and bring back old characters mainly to please the fans. “Three’s a Crowd” is definitely one of the latter.

On to the recap!


We start off with Twilight Sparkle getting some exciting news in the mail. Princess Cadence, the wife of Twilight’s big brother and Twilight’s old foal-sitter, is coming for a visit, which excites Twilight so much that poor Spike gets tossed around in the air a bit.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Three's a Crowd"

Then Fluttershy arrives with own her piece of good news, which is that she’s been granted permission to go watch some Breezies! … What the hell are Breezies? Could someone draw fan art of that? Is Fluttershy going on a Pokémon quest?

No sooner is Fluttershy on her way to capture those Pokémon before Cadence arrives in… I guess this must be her own royal train. Wow, royalty! And is that… Is that Flash Sentry? Flash Sentry, Twilight’s love interest from Equestria Girls?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Three's a Crowd"

I actually found this to be a nice little cameo, and much appreciated. He doesn’t get to say anything, but that last look he gives Twilight is pretty cute.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Three's a Crowd"

Though, this does raise a few questions: Why has Flash been transported from Celestia’s castle to the Crystal Castle? Is it because Shining Armor wants to keep a close eye on him, since he’s having a thing with Twilight and all? Interesting.

Both Cadence and Twilight have been looking forward to some alone time together, and they head straight for Star Swirl’s Traveling Museum, which happens to be in town the same day.

But then, trouble suddenly arrives for the rest of the Mane Six in the form of Discord. It seems he’s caught a cold and has magically sneezed himself into their midst. Oh boy!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Three's a Crowd"

For those who don’t know, Discord (voiced by John de Lancie) was a villain first introduced in the season two premiere. He then later got reformed in season three and joined the good side. He is chaos incarnate, and a being of pure magic. Just think of Genie from Aladdin, in the way he constantly transforms, and can manipulate everything around him as if it were second nature to him. Except, Discord is much a bigger dick than Genie. And the decision to make Discord into a “good” character instead of an evil one, and how it was done… well, that’s a discussion for another day.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Three's a Crowd"

Personally, I don’t really see the need to label Discord as either good or bad. The way I see it, he’s a storm of magic and chaos that sweeps over whatever place he happens to be in. He’s a walking natural disaster, basically. Asking him to sit still would be like asking a storm to calm down. Though, he appears to really enjoy being the physical manifestation of chaos, but that’s also a whole other discussion.

Discord has turned blue, and he keeps sneezing, and with each sneeze he spews out some uncontrollable magic. Apparently, he caught a cold and he’s now wanting the ponies to take care of him. Remember, this is the guy who previously brainwashed and manipulated the ponies into becoming the opposite of each of their elements of harmony, just so he could take over Equestria and create his own world of chaos. So of course, none of the ponies are too happy about this.

Still, Twilight has been looking forward to being with Cadence, so the ponies decide it’s best to keep Discord away from them. Everyone agrees to this, except for Rainbow Dash, who immediately bolts out of there. Well, there’s the element of loyalty for you.

It’s not long before Discord manages to ditch Pinkie Pie and then pass his illness on to Applejack and Rarity. Oh Discord, you bring so much joy and happiness whenever you appear.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Three's a Crowd"

Eventually, Discord ditches all of them. Clearly, the only one he’s actually interested in seeing is Twilight. Naturally, having her day with Cadence interrupted to take care of a sick Discord is not what Twilight was hoping for.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Three's a Crowd"

It doesn’t seem like Twilight and Cadence have much of a choice, either. I mean, Discord is literally spewing magic with every sneeze. If he isn’t contained, who knows what could happen? For all we know, the grass could turn purple, and all the ponies could become freakish creatures on two legs, yet still maintaining their basic designs, silly names, and cutie marks somewhere on their bodies! The horror!

And then we get… is this… is it really? Yes!! Discord gets his own song, and it’s called “A Glass of Water”.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Three's a Crowd"

There are two characters on this show that I always felt were lacking their own songs. One is the Great and Powerful Trixie, and the other one is, yes, Discord. The song is pretty simple in its presentation, but has some fun visuals and stays true to Discord’s character. It’s not a song I would listen to over and over, but I’m still happy that Discord finally got his own song.

Finally, Twilight has had enough, and asks if there’s a cure or something to Discord’s illness, to which he himself answers, “Yes, of course!” It seems he didn’t say anything before now because no one ever asked. And you wonder why nobody likes you, Discord?

He tells them the cure is a tiny flower that grows on the outskirts of Equestria, but fails to mention it’s actually a pretty huge-ass flower that’s also a giant pony-eating monster that tries to eat Twilight and Cadence!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Three's a Crowd"

God, Discord is an ass!

And then it turns out he doesn’t even need the flower, because he’s not really sick. It was just a twisted test he came up with, to see if Twilight would really be there for him even in the most dire of circumstances.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Three's a Crowd"

Discord… You’re an idiot! If you want Twilight to care about you, this isn’t the way to do it. It’s kind of hilarious how clueless Discord still is when it comes to friendship. Of course, karma is a bitch, and the monster flower now sneezes all over Discord and makes him sick for real. Except now, he’s kind of used up all his sympathy points, and no pony feels sorry for him. Well, except for Fluttershy, who will always be the sweetest thing ever.

Twilight apologizes to Cadence, but Cadence laughs it off and says a bit of adventure was just what she needed. Which is kind of a shoehorned-in final note, that sounds like something a child would write, but oh well, I’ll take it. In fact, I have no idea what the message in this episode is supposed to be, other than: Karma is a bitch.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Three's a Crowd"

As I said in the beginning of this recap, I found this to be just an okay episode. Discord is a beloved fan favorite for a reason, and he’s also a lot of fun to have around. John de Lancie, best known for being Q from Star Trek: TNG, is a joy once again, bringing the same amount of fun and anarchy to Discord as he did to Q. But Discord has the advantage of being animated, which also brings tons and tons of great visual gags. When it comes to Discord’s appearances, every frame is always rich with detail and humor.

However, I’m not entirely sure what this episode has to say other than, “Hey, look at Discord! Discord is here!” Which, I’ll admit, is not the worst episode idea I’ve ever heard. It’s a decent sit, but doesn’t leave much of an impact. Discord will never be as good as his first appearance; it just won’t happen.

This episode is just average for the show, and thus gets two and a half out of five ponies.

[—Editing/cleanup/revisions to this article provided by Dr. Winston O’Boogie and Elliot Hodgett.]

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