My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic “Rainbow Falls”

Well, people, you knew it had to happen. The thing about any long-running series is that no matter how good it is, there will always be a few duds in between all the great stuff.

I already received a little backlash when I gave another My Little Pony episode an average score, even though an average score for this show is not a bad score at all. My scores are always relative to the rest of the series, and the average for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is pretty high for this kind of show.

Alas, I have to tell the truth: I found this episode to be a bit of a dud, and well below average for this show. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Rainbow Falls”.

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We start off the episode with Rainbow Dash giving a pep talk to what is presumably a sports team she’s assembled, consisting of Fluttershy and an infamous background character who now has the official canon name of “Bulk Biceps”, overriding the name “Snowflake” that was previously assigned to him by bronies.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Rainbow Falls"

And already we’re running into the first problem of the episode. Look, there’s having a funny joke and then there’s killing the joke by beating it into the ground. Just take Teen Titans Go! over on Cartoon Network for instance, where Raven is a Pony fan, which was at first a cute little inside joke referencing the fact that Tara Strong, who voices Raven, also voices Twilight Sparkle on this show. Then the joke kept on going, and now apparently the only thing keeping Raven sane is her ponies and all she wants is for the entire world to turn into Pony-land. Way to kill the joke, guys!

Similarly, the first time Bulk Biceps appeared, I fully admit I laughed my ass off due to the randomness of a pony looking like this and yelling, ”YEAAHHHH!!”

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Rainbow Falls"

He’s a funny background character, but just because he works as a background character and became popular among the fans doesn’t mean he works as a main character. Frankly, I think he should remain in the background, being used sparingly and staying funny.

As it turns out, they’re training to qualify for the Equestria Games, in a flying relay race, where teams of three have to fly through an obstacle course and pass the horseshoe onto the next teammate until the last one reaches the finish line. Unfortunately, the team Rainbow Dash has assembled is clearly less than ideal. Bulk Biceps can barely fly due to his massive body weight and tiny wings, and Fluttershy is… well, she’s Fluttershy. We’ve already established that she’s so bad at flying that she downright prefers the ground where she can be closer to her animals.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Rainbow Falls"

So… why does Fluttershy even want to compete in this massive competition? Fluttershy, who doesn’t like to compete, doesn’t like to be seen as a weak flier, and overall just plain doesn’t like to be seen by, well, anyone, let alone a large audience? I have no clue. It could be to please Rainbow Dash, but the episode never says.

Moving along, we cut to Rainbow Falls, the location of the tryouts. All of the Mane Six are here to cheer on Rainbow Dash and her team, of course. Applejack baked apple brownies for everyone, Rarity has sewn special uniforms for the team, and… wait…

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Rainbow Falls"

These are the uniforms Rarity made? I know this is supposed to be a visual gag, but it makes no sense! Rarity is one of the best designers in all of Equestria, and she’s obsessed with making everything look perfect. I can’t even begin to imagine why Rarity would create clothes this ugly and actually put them on display.

I also get that this is supposed to be in contrast to the super-awesome uniforms that’ll appear later in the episode. But-but-but… this is Rarity we’re talking about! She’s an artist when it comes to clothes!

Still though, Pinkie Pie being fascinated with pom-poms is very much in character, so that’s nice.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Rainbow Falls"

It seems Rainbow Dash’s team isn’t doing too well during their practice. To motivate her team, Rainbow Dash decides that they should go observe some of the other competitors, specifically the Wonderbolts, who are representing Cloudsdale and have been Rainbow Dash’s personal heroes ever since the beginning of the series.

But then Rainbow Dash sees how cool the Wonderbolts look in action compared to her own team, which doesn’t make her feel all that great.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Rainbow Falls"

But then tragedy strikes when one of the Wonderbolt members named “Soarin” crashes and hurts his wing. So now the Wonderbolts are short a team member.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Rainbow Falls"

Since Rainbow Dash is already well known for her speed, and well respected among the Wonderbolts due to her great performance at Wonderbolt Academy, they quickly come up with the idea of asking Rainbow Dash to stand in for Soarin. So… the Wonderbolts, this amazing, professional flying team, doesn’t have any alternates?

But Rainbow Dash doesn’t want to just abandon her team like that. Suddenly, Spitfire and the two remaining Wonderbolts turn into devil’s advocates, trying to lure Rainbow Dash over to the dark side and join their team, what with their better training, better uniforms, and just better everything, really.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Rainbow Falls"

This immediately angers Twilight when she realizes what’s going on. I mean… how dare Rainbow Dash practice with two different teams! Just curious, are the Equestria Games a serious sporting event for professional athletes or not? Because if they’re not in any way an important event, then Rainbow Dash probably should stick with her team. But if they are, what right does Twilight have to judge Rainbow Dash for taking the opportunity to compete with professionals as a serious athlete?

And it’s not just a decision on a whim for Rainbow Dash: it’s her established lifelong dream, and she even feels really bad about not giving her all to her original team from the beginning. In fact, she feels so bad about it that when Twilight lays a guilt trip on Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash finds it so difficult to choose between the two teams that she decides to fake some injuries and choose neither.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Rainbow Falls"

Though, I’ve got to say, Twilight’s reasoning here is pretty stupid: “If you fly for Cloudsdale, Pinkie Pie won’t have anypony to cheer for! Rarity’s uniforms will never be seen! And Applejack will have slaved over those Apple Brown Bettys for nothing!” Seriously, Twilight? Are you for real?

No! Don’t follow your dream and compete with the Wonderbolts, because Applejack’s cakes! Applejack’s cakes!! Which we’re probably going to eat anyway, so it doesn’t really matter, but cakes!! How dare you, Rainbow Dash? How dare you?!

So Rainbow Dash is put in a hospital bed right next to Soarin, and a new piece of information is revealed: the Wonderbolts, Rainbow Dash’s heroes… are massive douchebags.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Rainbow Falls"

Yay, just what I need, more ponies acting like douches. As it turns out, Soarin wasn’t hurt that bad and the other Wonderbolts were just trying to keep him in bed so that they had an excuse to get Rainbow, the better flier, on their team. Though again, as douchey of a move as this is, in a professional athletic contest, you do want the best people on your team. You really shouldn’t lie about it, though.

Then we get to see Rainbow Dash’s replacement on the Ponyville team, and look who it is! Hello, Derpy! I guess the fan rage over you has sort of died down. It’s actually quite nice seeing you again.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Rainbow Falls"

Of course we get a big speech from Rainbow Dash, where she confronts the Wonderbolts and calls them out for being the douches that they are, and says she’s sticking with her friends on the Ponyville team.

Ponyville just manages to qualify due to Rainbow Dash’s speed making up for how slow her two teammates are. They’ll probably lose big time at the actual games where hundreds, if not thousands of ponies in the audience will be watching. That won’t give Fluttershy any anxieties at all, I’m sure. And that’s the end of the episode.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Rainbow Falls"

Oh dear Lord, where to do I start?

Perhaps I should talk about what actually salvages the episode a little bit, because yes, there are a few saving graces. The jokes do mostly work and are quite funny. Bulk Biceps manages to get a few chuckles out of me, and the return of Derpy Hooves is much appreciated. And we do have a nice little moment where Fluttershy and the other ponies actually completely understand why Rainbow Dash would want to be on the Wonderbolts’s team, and they forgave her in a heartbeat, which is pretty nice and reminds me of the great resolution at the end of “Rarity Takes Manehattan”.

What I didn’t like was how Twilight is the one acting so unreasonable in this episode, and being downright annoying. Also, Bulk Biceps should not have been so much in the forefront, because the joke wore thin very quickly. The Wonderbolts came off less as an inspiration and more like very unlikeable characters, and that sucks. And as cool as it is having the Wonderbolts recognize that Rainbow Dash is a skilled flier on their level, this just wasn’t the way to do it.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Rainbow Falls"

I’m afraid this one gets one pony out of five. The episode was a dud. But considering we’re ten episodes in and this is the first real letdown of the season, that’s not too bad. I’m sure that My Little Pony will be back in much better form next week.

[—Editing/cleanup/revisions to this article provided by Dr. Winston O’Boogie and Elliot Hodgett.]

TV Show: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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  • danbreunig

    I wish the Wonderbolts got some kind of comeuppance. Sure, they came off as douchebags, so their “we understand what we did wrong” attitude seems too easy to give them a pass. It makes me want to see an episode where one character accidentally and comically wrongs another, but one is hurt so much that the other’s efforts to reconcile becomes difficult–the message being that forgiveness and rebuilding trust take time and can’t always come easy, but can still happen. Also I wasn’t put off by Bulk Biceps– then again I just started watching the show very recently so I won’t know its whole history–so the joke didn’t wear out for me because he’s just a recruited character for one episode’s plot. I was put off by Twilight’s remark of “choosing not to choose is not really a decision”, because there are times when that IS the appropriate choice (not to choose sides). Twilight’s point: choose where your loyalty lies; flip-side of that: your choice must be wholly exclusive. It just feels like shoehorned flippant wisdom. And yet I’ll get behind her reasoning for “think of the cakes!”–because cakes.

    How’s this for a future recap: either the deepest (not necessarily dark, just deep) episode this kids’ show ever had, or the most unorthodox for this series? Maybe that one eventual episode with a dream sequence where the characters are temporarily cgi, puppets, anime, live actors, the real-life toys…. Past shows prove that the really experimental writing will happen at some point. Among excellent episodes, terrible episodes, most favorites, least favorites, all-time classics, and all-time duds, there are the complete run-off-the-rails-and-what-are-they-doing!? episodes.

    • Sofie Liv

      Erh, yeah well.. Twilight.. Not to act is also an act in of itself, and is indeed a decision you make..

      Some-times you do have to make some kind of specific decision, and the more you post-spond it the worse it guess. Which I guess is what you were actually trying to say but.. erh.. Twilight I like you, but this episode did NOT treat you well.

      Oh no, people wont get to see those monstrousoties that Rarity made! series what the heck.
      And also what stroke me as really odd. “Pinkie Pie wont have any-one to cheer for.” …. really? So if Rainbow Dash appears for Cloudsdale instead of Ponyville, Pinkie Pie wont cheer for her?
      Well thanks a lot Pinkie Pie… Pinkie pie can still cheer for Rainbow Dash even though she is on another team.. what the..

      Bulk Biceps was really a minor problem in the episode overall, the biggest problems where how unreasonable the characters were, it’s a really bad sign when Twilight as the supposed. “Giver of moral.” is the one who just pisses me off in this episode.
      She is the one supposed to have the high ground and be right, but she isn’t, so she just comes across as well.. douchie..

      • danbreunig

        I’m just not so invested into the show to the point where I become offended when a character goes out of character–that’s something I really enjoy if it happens rarely enough. Given what I’ve watched myself and heard what you and others have described, this does seem an out-of-whack episode just simply because of characters’ behaviors more than their deeds. I agree that this was not Twilight’s best moment to share an insight which can actually be more damaging than intended.

        As for “moral/life-lesson” shows, I prefer them when the life-lessons are reciprocal, where it’s not always A giving B some wisdom, but some days A is the one who *learns* something from B. In this case, Twilight can be the one who teaches today, or the one who learns from Fluttershy or Rarity tomorrow; then there’s nothing one-sided about it all. I’ve grown up on plenty of Filmation shows, so I’m no stranger to life-lessons brought up in a show, whether sincere or shoehorned in.

        I wasn’t meaning to get dark about this show, either, given my comments thus far about the morals and lessons. It’s not something I want or expect to see happen with Friendship Is Magic, getting anywhere dark and serious, even at little-kids-level. That’s why I keep thinking about it, if this show already had its extreme unusual episode–and if not, it’s logically bound to happen at some point. Unless FIM sets a record by being that kids show that won’t ever go that route. I still think that would make a nice recap, your reaction to “what in the world did I just see here that I never expected to see in my favorite show!?”

        ADDED: “Some-times you do have to make some kind of specific decision, and the more you post-spond it the worse it guess. Which I guess is what you were actually trying to say but.. erh.. Twilight I like you, but this episode did NOT treat you well.”

        Well there’s that, but I wanted to show Twilight’s own douchieness. Someone who means well who tells you “you need to choose a side in this” is by that very act *not* giving you a choice, putting more pressure on you than helping to ease you from it.

        • Sofie isn’t the be all and end all of how this show works out for you personally. Yes she’s a smart gal, but you shouldn’t let her influence your outlook. Your viewpoint is your viewpoint and unless someone has a really compelling argument, I wouldn’t change my mind on something that, after all, is so subjective. Honestly, I wouldn’t trust anybody who spells ‘of course’ as ‘of cause’ after I’ve told her TWICE already! I swear, the third time she does it…
          But seriously, I recognise the problems this episode has, but I still enjoyed parts of it. I actually thought Bulk Biceps was funny to the point where I would have wanted an MLP fan animation of him as the Ultimate Warrior:

          “Take the two pegasi, who have already made the sacrifice…SHOVE THOSE PONIES INTO A NOSEDIVE, IRON WILL!

          • danbreunig

            To be fair, everything I wrote above *was* my own outlook, viewpoint, and opinion, and explained as clear as I thought it needed to be. I’m not trying to be aggressive or defensive, but I don’t understand what it was I said that suggested that her perspective is influencing my own. Could you please explain what I missed?

          • Fair enough. Maybe I just see some people as having very similar opinions often as being influenced by one another when it just so happens that they have very similar opinions that are independent from one another. I realise it’s just a coincidence.

          • danbreunig

            I’ll see if I can answer all your comments with this one, so…

            It’s okay, Brewerman. It just surprised me because I couldn’t see the connection involved until you explained it now. Sometimes I nitpick about fandoms that no one here would’ve even heard of, so I know about how fickle similar and different opinions can be. Plus my own sense of humor is often warped and my own joking doesn’t work as often as I wish it could. Believe it or not, she’s been a huge inspiration for me as well since she arrived at the Booth, and she got me to start rediscovering my own creative drive. I find the highest honor would be to have a guest spot in a video, so congrats on your joint TMNT review…even though I’m saying that just now more than a year later because I wasn’t in the forums back then…

          • Sofie Liv


            You guys are the best! I am just leaning back here enjoying all the nice things you are saying about me!
            Licking them up like cotton candy, I am just sitting smiling at you :)

            As for opinons on shows and so on.. I exspect people to have different opinons than me!
            We all have different opinions, so if every-body felt exactly like I did. Man that would be weird! That’s when I should start worrie wether the world has started to be taken over by the aliens after-all.
            And well, being able to argue different opinions is a good thing, it’s what allow us to exspand each our perspective and learn new things from each other, that is, if you are willing to listen to other peoples argument and consider it, which I try my best to do.
            Heck, if you know how to argue probably, even a show made for little girls, with ponies in the star roles can teach us some-thing :)

            Also, a world where every-body thought the same about every-thing, that would be duuullllll. You would have nothing new to explore or discover.

            And Danbreunig, if we ever run in to each other, of cause you can be in my video. The greatest pleasure for me doing this, is giving other people an exsperience. There’s a lot of other great things, but to know you are in the privielieged position of now being able to do that, that’s just amazing!

          • danbreunig

            First let me just say: aawww. [blushing and chuckling Goofy-style] You m’lady have just earned a fan art. :)

            This world would indeed be very boring if all we did was surround ourselves with yes-men. Sure, we want others to listen to us, but for me it’s not about winning arguments as it is making sure whatever points made are at least heard and considered, whether or not agreed with. That’s just me preaching to the choir.

            As to your offer, I’d love to really take you up on that, but it may have to wait at least a full year or even two before I can afford to meet anyone at any kind of Con, even stateside. (Dang, Magfest sure looked fun this year, just because of who was all there!) Plus I’m no reviewer, just the lowliest of mortals: a fan. I’d at least like to share a beer and a story with you someday.

            And for what it’s worth:
            “The greatest pleasure for me doing this, is giving other people an exsperience
            …to know you are in the privielieged position of now being able to do that, that’s just amazing!”
            That’s my own dream, and your stuff got me to take my long-delayed baby steps towards it. Truthfully. Plus the encouragement through both the staff and fellow commentators here.

            So, yeah. Ponies. Ponies……ponies…. Why do these threads keep drifting away from the show currently reviewed!?

          • Sofie Liv

            Well, Alcon seems to be the place to be for us europeans, it’s in the fall, and is in Leicester England, which is waaaaay cheaper for us, than going all the way to the US.
            I was there last year, and I highly hope to be there this year again, I have all-ready stated i’ll do all in my power to be there.

            Last year, both I, Jill, Welshy, Doug Walker, Bennet the Sage, Brental Floss, FilmBrain, MikeJ, Little Kurriboh and all of team four-star was there.

            Can’t promise the meet up will be just as big this year.. but, Welshy, Film-brain, MikeJ, Me, Jill, Little Kurriboh and Team fourstar seems like a sure thing. you can check it out here, it’s a good while into the future, you can’t even buy tickets yet and there is no official date yet, but it’s some-thing to think about isn’t it?


          • $36060516

            “I wouldn’t trust anybody who spells ‘of course’ as ‘of cause’ after I’ve told her TWICE already!”

            Since when does a minor grammatical error (which I actually find charming) in a language that isn’t even the author’s daily spoken language have anything to do with character and trustworthiness? Sofie speaks more languages than I can and has my respect for that and several other reasons.

          • Mate, I’m joking. I edit Sofie’s reviews to correct the errors that she’s made whilst typing up her review. I’m a friend of hers and I know she’s incredibly intelligent. If that came across as a bit of a forceful joke, I apologise and will back off. I mean no harm by what I say, I just have a weird way of trying to be funny at times.

          • $36060516

            Sorry ’bout that. I just saw that comment in passing and thought it was someone slagging her for real. Carry on, mate, and thanks for the editing.

          • No problem man. I have commented on many of her videos and her recent written reviews and she has not only been an inspiration to me as a happy and intelligent person who’s helped me be more outgoing, but she’s also been an inspiration for my own writing as I’m looking to go into music journalism. It’s a pleasure to edit for her.

          • Muthsarah

            Are you the guy who glorifiedly cameoed in the TMNT review?

            EDIT: Oh, that’s totally covered below. Uhh…

            *does an awkward off-stage jig*

            EDIT: And I can proofread too. And in AMERICAN English. The biggest English of them all. I’ve emailed authors over typos. That’s right. I’m bad.

          • I am yes and I make Tommy Wiseau look like Dustin Hoffman so you want to talk about bad! :P

          • Sofie Liv

            What are you talking about? You were so good at looking really stupid in the background, thus making me look even better.

          • I think that’s the best back-handed compliment you’ve given me so far!

          • Sofie Liv

            Just shaking the bag a bit, next week. Major backlash to you.

            But don’t worry, I am saving all the really mean stuff for the Film Renegado <_<

  • Arturo Garza Flores

    -I’m glad Derpy’s back (she never really went away, TBF), but I was definitely not looking forward to how 90% of the discussion of this episode was going to be about her, especially when my biggest take-away from the episode has nothing to do with her.
    -I’m so giddy over how it seems I totally called two weeks ago that the “keys” would be symbollic representations of the Elements of Harmony.
    -I’ve had this same problem with the Wonderbolts since Wonderbolt Academy. I don’t think there’s anything for Dash to get out of them except the celebrity status. She’s too good for that. And yes, they got off the hook WAAAY too easy in this episode.
    -RD has been on such a roll this season. I know this is premature, but right now I’m willing to call her this season’s MVP.
    – I’ll admit right up front that my fondness for this episode comes from feeling that this is the episode that Wonderbolt Academy should’ve been. In that episode, we had an unmemorable villain, pointless action scenes, a wasted use of the new ponies from Hurricane Fluttershy, an unfunny subplot, a cop out ending, and perhaps worst of all, Rainbow Dash having no agency on her own actions. Throught most of that episode, she was at the mercy of whatever Lightning Dust or Spitfire said/did, and doesn’t take any initiative until the very end. I felt like I was supposed to assume she was really struggling between being more like Lightning Dust or just being herself, but the episode seemed more interested in all those other things I just mentioned. In this one, we actually get to see her wrestling with a problem of loyalty in a way that feels more well-realized. We get to see how it’s not an easy choice and how she doesn’t want to disappoint anybody, but at the same time, wants to be the best. It’s an episode that captures the core of her being very well. I wasn’t the biggest fan of RD before, but this season has been fixing that significantly.

  • Arturo Garza Flores

    Regarding Twilight’s role in this episode, I personally liked that she wasn’t going to force a decision on RD. Despite a poorly worded sentence during the scene at the hospital, I feel like what she was trying to say is that she KNEW that RD was faking it because she didn’t want to make a real decision. She knew that RD wanted to cop out, and was trying to tell her that it’s better to make a choice than to disappoint everyone equally.

  • jbwarner86

    The writers have been doing this a lot this season, switching the characters’ personalities on and off as necessary. Fluttershy isn’t the kind of pony to enter a major sporting event, until the writers need her to be. Rarity is a highly skilled artist until the writers need her to suck. Spitfire is an advocate of integrity and good sportsmanship until the writers need her to be a douchebag.

    The only thing I expect this show to do is tell good stories with good characters. Instead, it’s developed a real bad habit this season of half-assing it big time and just throwing in a bunch of weird meme-worthy shit for good measure, as if that’s enough to placate the bronies. Which, judging by how much Equestria Daily fucking exploded over stuff like Twicane and the Power Ponies and Flutterbat, is probably right.

    • Sofie Liv

      I kind of liked Power Ponies.. Flutterbat though is the episode where I gave it average review and at ones some-one got hurt.. I erh.. I didn’t call it that bad, I really liked the song, and I still enjoy this show a lot, I still find it very entertaining!

  • TheCrazyFish

    I’m not sure why you’re apologizing, or why you’re acting like this is the first dud episode the show has had.

    Six words: “Over A Barrel. Feeling Pinkie Keen.”

    And every brony screaming “how dare you not like even one episode of this show!” is instantaneously defeated.

    Part of the reason I bring up those two episodes in particular is because I haven’t seen much of the later seasons, but also to illustrate that the show has had its bad moments from the very beginning.

    Truth is, whether or not this show is any good kind of varies a lot by writer…just like every other show on television, really. (See also: Star Trek: The Original Series) Some of the writers are good at writing decent stories and portraying the characters properly, but other writers are idiots who randomly give Pinkie Pie superpowers which are never mentioned again (except one or two brief continuity nods), turn kind and even outright heroic characters into douchebags for the sake of a moral lesson, undo moral lessons characters learned in other episodes because they want to teach that lesson again (how many times has Rainbow Dash learned to be humble again?), and so on. And as much as bronies don’t want to admit it, there’s not much in the way of quality control to stop these things from happening.

    • Dave Polsky isn’t an idiot. He’s actually quite a smart guy who at least tried to give reasoning to why he wrote FPK the way he did, whether he succeeded or not is up to you which judging by your post, I don’t think you do and Over A Barrel, yeah that episode was pretty stupid but I don’t think he’s an idiot, he just didn’t get the show or its characters right away. I think this is why he didn’t write for Season 2.
      But writing Too Many Pinkie Pies, Keep Calm and Flutter On and Rarity Takes Manehattan are more than enough to suggest to me that he isn’t and idiot like you said he is, he just has episodes and scenarios that he can or can’t write well (same with characters). Still though, most episodes that he’s in are rarely ever boring. FPK has some good instances of slapstick comedy, even if it does feel heaped on to Twilight, so it’s not completely bad, which I could say for every episode. Even Mare-do-Well which is considered by many to be the absolute worst, has references to Batman TAS that people enjoy.
      One thing that a lot of MLP critics/analysers do is look at episodes from WHO they’re written by as a lot of them seem to have their own feel. Polsky’s episodes tend to take a more comedic and have instances of witty situational dialogue, M.A Larson’s tend to be more focused on world-building and are more true to continuity (Sonic Rainboom and Magic Duel), Meghan McCarthy’s tend to write Spike and Twilight very well (Lesson Zero) but not Pinkie Pie. Charlotte Fullerton’s seem to remind you it’s a show for little girls with the sleepovers (Look Before You Sleep) and babysitting (Baby Cakes) and Merriwether Williams…has THOSE episodes, although Bats and debatably Wonderbolts Academy were steps in the right direction. My point is, some episodes seem to be defined by the writers who handle them. There are exceptions here and there but they do seem to be defined that way.
      This happens a lot with certain shows like Doctor Who for example. Some people can’t stand Steve Moffatt as a writer because from what I’ve heard and seen from people who don’t like his writing, he disregards continuity and the way he writes female characters the same way (not my words, I’m taking these from his critics) and they will ultimately prefer one writer or a group of writers over another or others. Each writer has their strengths and weaknesses, some are subjective and some are treated as both strengths and weaknesses depending on the viewer and their perspective.
      In regards to Rainbow Falls, I won’t completely disregard Corey Powell’s next outing since he wrote my favourite episode in the entire show (Sleepless in Ponyville), but I and even the harshest critics of this episode (watch Mysterious Mr Enter’s video. He says it’s the second worst episode only to Putting your Hoof Down!) won’t automatically dismiss their next attempts at writing an episode and call them idiots. I don’t think the show’s perfect either, but watching the show makes me feels good and being a part of the brony community has helped me to be more of a nerd in general and start going to anime conventions so it means a lot to me and I’m not as quick to dismiss certain episodes as duds as others are.

      • Sofie Liv

        Honestly I am just stunned how strong emotions a show about ponies is able to produce..

        Yes, I respect the show a lot, I treat it with critism exactly because I respect it as much as I do.

        And well, writing is hard. I write myself you know, and I freely admited that I wrote some terrible stuff I thought was brilliant as I wrote it, as well as stuff I am genuinly proud off.. but.. the “What was I thinking!?” do have dominance in my backlog of written stuff thus far…

        Which is why you need to re-write stuff and not just put out your first draft, no writer with any respect for him or herself would just flat out publish a first draft!… hallo Stephanie Meyer.

        • TheCrazyFish

          Be fair, Sofie. Twilight was a second draft at least. :p

      • TheCrazyFish

        You know what I’ve found? I’ve found that if you have to spend a whole lot of time rationalizing why something is good and why you should like it even though your first reaction is that it stinks, then chances are that’s because it actually does stink.

        (Bob And George taught me that! Seriously, I’d always heard how amazing that webcomic was and I really, really tried to like it. Whenever a strip fell flat, which was constantly, I would try to rationalize to myself how it was secretly brilliant. One day it just occurred to me that no, I was wrong, Bob And George just sucked.)

        I’ll admit that it’s probably not fair for me to call the people who wrote bad episodes idiots as I don’t actually know them but let’s be honest: Feeling Pinkie Keen sucked. The writer might have had really great reasons for writing it the way he did, but that doesn’t change the fact that he wrote it wrong. The same thing goes for a lot of other episodes.

        Every good writer will tell you this same thing – cut even the things that you love!

        • I think you completely missed the point I was making. I said that even though mare-do-Well sucks as an episode, it still has some stuff in there to like, pretty much like each episode. I just think that I like to see the good in everything and not think everything is nothing but bad. I never said that it was good, I’m just saying that even in the worst episodes, there’s still one or two good moments in them. I’m also not a fiction writer so I don’t necessarily know what makes a piece of fiction good or bad apart from glaring inconsistencies. Most of the time I just listen to what people who have a history of acting or creative writing have to say and take their word for it because I don’t really know. All I know is that the good outweighs the bad in this series so it’s hard for me to stay mad at it if I see something sub-par.

          • TheCrazyFish

            No, actually you completely missed the point I was making. That is, just because you like the series doesn’t make it immune to criticism, and just because an episode had a few things to like about it doesn’t change the fact that it’s overall a bad episode.

            You also seem to be of the opinion that I’m angry or full of hate just because I say an episode is bad. I’ll tell you the same thing I tell everyone else: you’ve never seen me angry and you’ve never seen me hate. You probably never will, especially not over something as trivial as a kids’ show about ponies. If you ever do, there will be no doubt in your mind as to whether or not I am in fact angry.

            That said, look. If a man writes an episode where one of the main characters is inexplicably given a previously unmentioned superpower, and not just a little one that we could easily overlook but a huge one that is plainly visible to everyone around and which, according to that episode, triggers basically every five minutes, so that there’s no way we could possibly have not noticed it before, and then once the episode is over it’s never mentioned again. It doesn’t matter what reasonings that man gives, he’s still wiping his keister with the very concept of continuity.

            That is not an attack on the episode, it’s simply an objective statement of truth.

            It’s not an attack on you. It doesn’t mean that you’re stupid or bad because you liked the episode, or that the enjoyable bits you found in the episode weren’t real.

            It’s not an attack on the show. If I hated the show I wouldn’t have even watched as much of it as I did. Besides, as I said before, this issue isn’t unique to this show. Look at Avatar: The Last Airbender. It’s an amazing show, probably worth a 5/5 overall and will no doubt go down in pop culture history as a classic show, but that doesn’t change that some episodes are just… BAD. You can find evidence of that on this very site.

            You need to step back, remove your own ego from the equation and think things through objectively.

  • JD

    Did they not get renewed for another season?
    most of the episodes this season have not seemed to advance the over all plot at all.