VIDEO: Five Arguments in Favor of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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In this episode, Sofie gives five good reasons why she loves My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

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TV Show: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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  • Launchpad25

    All those points are valid, but ‘My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic’ also breaks the ‘girly’ stigma that the previous ‘My Little Pony’ cartoons, and the toy line has been known for. All 5 of those qualities are the reason why this show is such A huge crossover’ hit, and why it sparked the ‘brony’ phenomenon of male fans. Also, the show’s brand of humor is another factor in it’s success. Lauren Faust is the wife of ‘Powerpuff Girls’ creator, Craig McCracken, and she injects some of that ‘Powerpuff’ with, and charm into ‘Friendship Is Magic’. Which can be appreciated by animation buffs who enjoys cartoons with good humor. The previous ‘Pony’ cartoons had none of that kind of humor, and is the reason why most men dismiss ‘My Little Pony’ in years past, yet they were in no way prepared for A ‘Pony’ cartoon like this.

    • Sofie Liv

      I did address the humour in this video.
      And well.. I have to say.. even Powerpuff girls lives and often time strives on their sarcastic tone. There’s nothing wrong with that, I use snarky humour quite a lot.
      But MLP never ever uses it, it doesn’t need to cause the characters are strong enough and the animation fluid enough to make very simple earnest none-sarcastic jokes about how they react to the situations.

      And well, humour certainly is important, if you made some-one laugh then you probably also just sold your show. Laughter is the spring of life and well.. makes people happy. MLP is genuinely very funny and that is a major reason why the show itself became so popular.
      Every single episode I have seen has at least made me laugh, I have to give credit where’s credit due.

  • Launchpad25

    You also bring up A good point about ‘role models’ For the past decade, the media has been falling all over themselves trying to create these so called ‘role models’ for little girls that I find questionable. I started to notice this with Disney Channel. They’ve been producing these lame shows with A tween girl in the lead like ‘Lizzie McGuire’, ‘Hanna Montanna’, and ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’, and they come off as generic characters with little to no flaws who have A perfect life that comes off as ‘science fiction’ than reality, and come off as nothing more than platforms for Disney to promote their next ‘tween sensation’ who will eventually become another tabloid magnet for the gossip rags like E! News to exploit like crazy. And while ‘Kim Possible’ has it’s moments, she doesn’t have alot of interesting flaws that can be explored. And so, i’ve lost respect for Disney turning their back on good animation just so they can find the next ‘tween idol’ to exploit. Then there the whole ‘Twilight’ craze where the gossip industry fawns over Bella Swan, A character who’s weak, shallow, and sets feminism back 100 years by her desperate need for an abusive homo vampire stalker, and they want to hold her up as A role model?!? The fact that those awful movie were successful made me lose all respect for not only humanity, but for women in general for falling for the lies that these books promote.

    • Sofie Liv

      I’m afraid what sells Hannah Montana, Bella and it’s like so well is the dream and fantasies of being in their place, being them.
      It’s not about being relate-able or fuck.. even like-able, it’s about dreaming of being in their place. Which is why their world end up being this fucked up alternative reality where the problems makes no fucking sense and can be resolved so quickly, so small girls can go. “But Lizzie don’t have to deal with this. Mommy is evil for letting me doing it!”
      The dream that YOU the “normal every-day girl.” suddenly gets to be special… is secretly a pop sensation but merely living a double life, is destined to be special so vampire boy and wolf loves ya, cause you are that special. What-ever.

      And this formula can be handled well. Harry Potter, Star Trek, Doctor who ext, good examples of that formula.
      Luke ordinary farm boy, who discover he is special and have the force, doctor who companions get to be pulled from their normal life to go on adventures, Harry Potter is a bullied kid finding out he is the freaking chosen one of the wizard world, the dream of being in that situation sells this to the audience, these examples how-ever have brilliant writing and story to back the concept up plus eventually confronts you with actual dilemmas, a certain price for being that damn special.
      The tween ones.. badly handled, so badly.

      I don’t have a cure for that craze, because as long as you have teens or even adults whom just doesn’t know better because they have never sat food outside of their own freaking comfort zone to figure the world is bigger than their own little bobble, there’s a marked, and the marked is huge.

      I can’t help but think Ron Stoppable is the real Hero of Kim Possible.. it is him that have all the triumphs.. mostly because he actually have stuff to over-come, and does so. We preliterate see him grow from biggest loser to high-school champ over the course of all four seasons.
      The show have way easier time dwelling on him and his problems, and does so very well… and Shego is the real villain btw.. She’s both dangerous and a very interesting character, plus… just a little screwed up in the head. me like that.

      • CBob

        That same logic is why I think Mickey is actually the best/most interesting companion of the new Dr. Who series. Despite being basically only an occasionally recurring sidekick-of-the-sidekick, he actually gets the broadest and most heroic sort of character development over the years. All the main companions are changed by their experiences with the doctor, but only in isolated & kinda token ways: their characters/personalities are pretty much a constant. Mickey’s the only one who really gets reforged as a person by all the crap they go through.

        Rory too, now that I think of it, and in almost the same way.

        • Sofie Liv

          how about Donna?
          She’s my favourite female companion of the new series.

          don’t know about Mickey… but Rory is freaking amazing!
          He so seamlessly and flawlessly went from. “Dude, what is this poor sod even doing on this show.” to. “OMG! fucking Rory, BUYA!”

          Seeing him standing in a centurion outfit in front of a window handing out a message from the doctor in the form of exploding ships in the background is sooooo much more satisfying and impressive cause he is such a big every-day man and we know where he came from, that scene wouldn’t have been nearly as impressive had Amy done it or.. even less with Rose or Martha as they were presented as Kick as girls from day one, which is honestly rather boring.
          John Watson in sherlock is probably the most kick-ass john watson ever, and it comes off as so much stronger as this john isn’t showy in any-way what-so ever. He just walks around in his big sweaters and looks so innocent secretly being bloody stealth..
          I think the term is “If you show off then you all ready told us you have some-thing to proof, if you never ever show off but just do when the time comes it’s by default hardcore.”

          I would honestly love a down to earth sweater wearing female doctor who companion having a very Rory like personality, maybe even more timid than what you usually see in who companions.
          It would also bounch lovely off the doctor and show-case two opposites this enhancing the two personalities, and in the end, probably give the companion more growth through-out the way.
          It would be interesting if the Doctor one day picked up a grey timid mouse secretly wishing she was more, to drop off a straight backed smart woman at the preciess same spot in time having all her colleges go. “wtf happened” ?

          And I ended up ranting now… sorry.

          • CBob

            I’m not personally sold on Donna. The only major differences between her and the other companions were that she started out with a very unlikable personality, and that she didn’t fall in love with the Doctor. Also (and this may seem harsh) she really wasn’t very bright. I got really tired of seeing the Doctor have to explain simple (albeit strange) things to her three or four times in as many different ways only to have her STILL not catch on. People talk about her acting as a conscience for the doctor, but she wasn’t the only one to do that, merely he first to explicitly say it.

            She became less selfish and abrasive as a result of her time with the Doctor, but it felt more like leveraged tweaks than a really major personality shift. She was still basically the same person, just sort of loosened up. I get the sense that people appreciate her mostly because she was female without being yet another eye-candy ship-bait companion, and then went looking for ways to interpret her as being somehow deeper or more complex than the others as a result, when really, she wasn’t. I realize that won’t ingratiate me much with Donna fans, but that’s how I saw her.

            Mickey’s kept much more in the background compared to Rory, I think people don’t notice him very much. Most of the biggest/worst stuff he goes through is offscreen. We don’t get to actually watch him change like we do with Rory, instead we get snapshots spaced out at different points in his transition, so Rory’s experiences and changes have much more dramatic impact. Rory grows a lot, much more so than most companions, but again, it’s leveraged tweaks (much longer levers than with Donna, but still). With Mickey it’s a bit like a kid getting sent of to boot camp, and then coming back two combat tours later a completely different person, yet we’ve seen intervals of what happened to him along he way, so the change isn’t sudden or jarring. He never gets the opportunity to be as badass as Rory, but he goes through a much bigger/broader change as a person.

          • Sofie Liv

            I suppose it’s a matter of taste and opinion because.

            I really like Donna! I like her in her first appearance where I found her genuinely funny, not to bright if you count in bookish intellect but had a very clear grounded human perspective the doctor lacked.
            And mostly, she was a very pure person always fighting for what she thought was right.

            As she was re-introduced especially this purity and insight grounded in being a lower class human came into play and was so strong.
            Her brashness I thought played out so well and was clearly a product of her own insecurity and the fact.. she is a lower middle-class human kind of having to bite and fight for good things.
            As she grew more secure her brash mellowed.
            And by all times, again, a very pure person taking the abused persons causes, as seen in the Ood episode where she immediatly took the cause of the ood, or in silence of the Library where she immediately tried to help the one girl picked on by the others, Donna helps these people because she feel with them, cause she is one of them, she’s not hip or cool, she’s downtrodden and ordinary and she knows this.
            Unlike Martha, Rose and even Amy, Donna was a heck of a lot less likely to pick up a gun or swing down in a robe pirate style cause the writer thinks that is cool.. and that actually sits very well with me.
            I also liked she was age wise that much older which brought maruity with it, I liked she was every-thing you usually don’t do with a leading lady in any show, of cause I liked she didn’t was in love with the doctor, I also believe she was the only one really getting that he’s “An alien.”
            and she’s comfortable enough with that fact to make fun of it.

            Mickey.. I thought was more of a “Gosh, we need to do some-thing with this character now, we didn’t really treat him that well did we?”
            And they did…. some-thing.

          • CBob

            I see what you’re saying on a lot of that, but it still reads like 50% after the fact polishing.

            Donna’s not just not book smart, she’s just plain not SMART-smart, as in often can’t put two and two together in a situation even with help. It’s actually a plot driving trait in several episodes. Her lower class POV is shared with Rose, and all the major companions except Jack and Amy were also quick to respond emotionally to perceived injustices. She’s no wiser than the others, street or otherwise (well, she is more streetwise than Martha), just more talkative. She replaces swashbuckling with snark, but those are both cheap plug-in character traits by themselves. Rose was snarky too but in a more winking way, wheras Donna’s just sort of blunt. IMO it’s more Catherine Tate’s performance than the actual lines that elevates it.

            I will give her that: the combo of snark lines and Tate’s performance did click to made her feel more “real” than the others. Everyone’s dialog was often a little iffy, but Tate got more lines than the others, and with her style she was able to make them sound natural no matter what.

            On a non-Dr. Who note (I should probably cut it out with that stuff, I don’t really wanna start argument), I usually find myself in a similar situation with you RE: female characters, but kind of on the opposite end. I like the Vasquez/Twilight Sparkle types over the standard female protagonist templates. The standard female protagonist usually feels like an odd, Frankenstein patchwork of unrelated traits, assembled out of a focus group survey of “what the average male audience member likes”. They have to do badass stuff… but they can’t actually look plausibly badass, or like they have an actual character background for their badassery because some arse in a suit thinks that’s unattractive. Male characters are allowed, even encouraged to be full badass, but women always have to be “but not TOO badass”, with the bar for “too badass” being so low as to prevent any kind of non-fantasy character build.

            So you get “badass” female characters who physically look like scrawny playboy models instead of athletes (*cough* Angelina Jolie *cough*), or “Final Girls” who are identifiable on the merit of being the most noticeably homogenized member of the cast. I’m always disappointed when the Vasquez gets killed off, because in real life those would be the ones with the more interesting story compared to the “everywoman but hotter” lead.

            I imagine it must contribute to some of the mixed messages girls get about attractiveness growing up. They’re “supposed” to be slender, but not fit, because muscle is lumped in with fat as “too big”. This creates an awkward position where the very lifestyle traits that would actually be the healthiest are off limits, and girls /women end up having to choose between neuroses: either try to justify being fatter than they’d like (awkwardly trying to relabel it “healthy” or “realistic”) or resorting to borderline eating disorders (and outright eating disorders) to chase a biologically untenable slightness.

          • Sofie Liv

            I just disagree, I do think Donna is smart and I do like her.
            So lets agree to disagree.

            And as for the rest.. I completely agree. It’s pretty damn screwed up and it screws up the heads of girls and young women all over the planet.
            What the hell do you want from us Hollywood!?

            According to Hollywood mythos I am to fat to be in a movie, what the hell hollywood? I am actually not fat at all.
            And according to big bang theory and other places, I don’t even exist.
            Gosh, a girl whom can actually give a Vulcan salute, know where it comes from and thinks it’s awesome when other people answer. That’s just freaky.

          • CBob

            To be fair, Hollywood’s just following what they think will sell. The real problem is some quirk in our overall gender culture that labels athleticism and physical fitness as unattractive or unfeminine. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen/heard other guys commenting that some woman “looks like a dude” because she’s got more muscle than Megan Fox.

            In the immediate sense I always find it sadly funny, because to me it just sounds/reads like their own ability to perceive femininity is crippled enough to make anything less than caricature seem like a weak signal. You wouldn’t think that’d be a dump stat for hetero guys, but, well, there it is. In the big picture I just find it sad though, because that sort of thing seems to be dominant enough to cause real problems.

          • Sofie Liv

            Well yeah it is a problem.
            Especially as most movies only have one single woman to represent the entire female race, and she will be genetically designed to be a seize zero hotty.

            If movies in general had at least two women represented, and then one could be a hotty while the other more normal looking (and probably also would have the quirky character) there would be no problem.. but it just isn’t happening at all..

          • CBob

            Urg. I meant Rainbow Dash, not Twilight Sparkle. Not Brony enough to be all up on the names, my bad.

            Sorry if that came off as a rant. I don’t think in words much, so I’m always underestimating how many it’ll take to say what seems short/simple in my head.

  • There was a female Renfield in my high school’s performance of Dracula! 😀

    • Sofie Liv

      I got one thing only to say about that…


  • A_garza_floresrtr

    “Role models are dull”
    I think this is why so many of the most celebrated tv shows, movies, etc. have protagonists that are deeply flawed.

    example off the top of my head:
    It’s a Wonderful Life: George has spent a lot of his life trying to make others happy, which has forced him to deny his own happiness many times, and he realizes that has made him sort of miserable, to the point where he almost jumps off a bridge. Of course, by the end, he realizes how much the others love him and need him, and he really comes to appreciate all he has.

    Sometimes, those flawed protagonists are people we wouldn’t dream of associating with in real life.
    Taxi Driver: Travis Bickle walks a fine line between being a sociopath, a true vigilante out to right a wrong, or maybe even looking for a means to justify himself. He is an awful human being, but you can’t help but be compelled by everything he does, at least I can’t.

    • Sofie Liv

      That is true.

      How-ever, I think more importantly on a sheer story stand-point, having characters with issues and flaws are important. Because if you don’t have a flaw then you don’t have any-thing to over-come, and then there is no triumphs.
      The triumphs the movie or tely show will try and sell to you any-way will feel hollow because there is no real achievement.

      True strength, and true triumph you can take and feel upon is some-one overcoming their problem to do the right thing.
      Take Fluttershy in the latest episode “Fluttershy Hurricane.” in here, she’s scared to preform, she’s scared that people will laugh at her, she’s scared of the humiliation. That’s a big flaw, it would be better not to care what other thinks.
      But in the end, she over-comes her thoughts, she is still scared but she does what needs to be done any-way. And that, is a big triumph and the emotional pay-off that much more genuine.

      A flawed personality could also be a cool personality you would totally hang out with, but does mistakes.
      When done really well, yeas ass-holes can make for the best characters ever. Sherlock in BBC’s Sherlock is pretty much the worlds biggest ass, and yet I can’t watch him enough. That’s because he have a lot of compelling eccentrics to make up for it, it’s even pretty well explained why he is such a big an ass.
      This Sherlock, is freaking smart, he is so smart that by default he will be smarter than ever-one else he meets, he knows he is this smart, and he knows the people around him are less smart than him.
      So his question, why should he act as if that weren’t a fact? why keep up pretence just so he could be polite?
      One big saving grace here is that he is completely honest and doesn’t lie to people about… anything. Which is also an ass thing to do as he is a person so smart he knows if you have been sleeping around, and then he is going to tell you.
      But even a character so wonderfully flawed, he can’t function on his own, that show needs a John Watson to be our reliable every-day man we can count on and have morale high ground. Thankfully also he has some issues which makes him a pretty good character on the own, he is the role model though, a good role model Sherlock needs to exist.

  • Mr Shankly

    The ending felt a bit like an ending of Screenwipe in a good way.

    • Sofie Liv

      Thank you..

      What is Screenwipe? I actually don’t know.

      • Mr Shankly

        Screenwipe is a review show on BBC4 made by Charlie Brooker. In some of the episodes would end with him doing something slightly random through the credits.

        • Sofie Liv

          That sounds lovely.
          Some-how I just trust BBC programming way more than American programming..

          I only got Danish, Swedish German and Norwegian channels though.

          • Mr Shankly

            Well every episode is on youtube if you ever want to check it out.

  • Torgeaux

    “To suffer woes which Hope thinks infinite;
    To forgive wrongs darker than death or night;
    To defy Power, which seems omnipotent;
    To love, and bear; to hope till Hope creates
    From its own wreck the thing it contemplates;
    Neither to change, nor falter, nor repent;
    This, like thy glory, Titan, is to be
    Good, great and joyous, beautiful and free;
    This is alone Life, Joy, Empire, and Victory.” Percy Bysshe Shelley

    Although I was encouraged to seek less, I waited until my fourties to find a friend rather than a fearful of being different robot.

    I hope you don’t have to wait as long.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, in my own case rest assured.

      In my hour of need friends I myself had neglected came to me and saw me through the difficulties, on own accord.
      I got wonderful friends I am so grateful for, they sure are a silly bunch and some strange types, but so am I. that’s probably why we get along so well, most of the time. That’s human beings some-times we are disagreements, but so far we have gone through it, and I count myself lucky 🙂

  • Elizabethspectrum

    What I really like about this show is that it feels like a show that almost anyone can enjoy. I mean it pretty much has everything: action, humor, occasional drama, elaborate/catchy song sequences, and more! 😀

    • Sofie Liv

      Oh absolutely.
      “Not overly girly.” also means the appeal is way broader than just people with girly dreams, without that holding it down it does indeed appeal to every-one with un-pretentious humour, drama.. character development, characters. ext.

      Personally I love the “super sqeezy cider song.” how-ever this was kind of list of things this show had no other current show has.
      Good songs is a bit more obvious to show creators looking at the marked from outside than “Drop the bitchy bitch attitude.”

      I could easily see some kind of developer looking at this show, trying to copy it with what he or she thinks makes it so successful, and then make a snarky show with good songs, good animation and bitch attitude in a attempt to be funny. That is missing the point.

      It’s just like all those people wanting to copy Nolans batman films and says. “We make it dark, gritty and ‘realistic’ thus our project is good.” when the thing to go for is well paced action, tension, clever story telling and character development, focused themes explored and developed. That is what makes his movies good, not the “Dark and gritty part.” which is the only part people seem to try and copy, which makes shitty movies.. and there-fore they fail.

      • Her criteria very easily applies to your show, too, Sofie… 😉

      • CBob

        It’s always easier to try and copy the superficial elements, so that appeals to human nature. The people who make those decisions are always looking for a “magic bullet” that will make their movies successful with the least amount of work. The need for serious thought when it comes to characters and plot and such is exactly what they’re trying to avoid by focusing on the stylistic elements.

        They’re not thinking “what did this movie do right that we need to copy?”, they’re thinking “hopefully this’ll be the gimmick that finally makes plot and character unnecessary”.

        It’s the same in every industry. Everyone’s always in search of alternative ways to get the same money out of the same market without the annoying overhead cost, so you get plastic appliances that don’t do their jobs well, processed foods made mostly of cheap texturing agents and artificial flavors, and movies made mostly of explosions and marketing.

        Sucky thing is, it kinda works. Hollywood’s business model is still built mainly around short term profits from films’ initial theatrical runs. This is why opening week box offices are treated as a barometer of a film’s overall success, and why dumping all your investment capital into hiring big name stars and ensuring scenes that’ll look good in the trailers is more important than a properly optimized preproduction (where actual quality usually comes from).

  • MephLord

    Everything seems to be about empowering women to be individuals, and that seems like something that should be easily attainable. It doesn’t seem a difficult formula. I’ll always go to Wonder Woman as the main archetype of a strong woman yet still sensitive because she cares. I’d like your opinion on casting her as I’ve watched Haywire and think Gina Carano would make a good Wonder Woman, and watched both Mamma Mia! and Devil Wears Prada for a good villain in Cerci and Meryl Streep would make a great Cersi.

    Now I know you are thinking that is horrible casting so please listen! Cerci is a very over the top and controlling villain like Miranda from the Devil Wears Prada and we all know Meryl Streep can sing top level and she’d have some musical numbers (Diana Prince never would) so I think it would show the difference between the two.

    How does this relate to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Little, but it would be a largely female cast, a strong female lead with a female antagonist. And adding Rampage as female muscle would make the movie even more cool, as she could be played by a real 6’9″ woman living in Florida that is known as Isis the Amazon that fits the look of Rampage very well, and the story could be Cerci amusing herself by playing with Wonder Woman rather than any world domination attempts that seem to occur in every single fucking comic book movie, and that plot gets tiresome at least to me.

    • Sofie Liv

      It’s kind of a double edged sword, because lots of stuff are telling women to be individuals.. by ACTING EXACTLY LIKE THESE BITCHES ON SCREEN!
      That’s not being individuals is it? it’s following a bitch formula, according to Bratz no one is allowed to be a fluttershy. And no one is allowed to be a Twilight Sparkle whom actually doesn’t care for elaborate clothing and decided to dress up as a bearded historical wizard instead if a princess for a Halloween. Cause Twilight is like that, she’s very un-girly in many aspects.

      You know what villains I enjoy the most?
      This sound cartoonish and truthfully it is… I adore villains whom loves being a villain!
      These character who very well know they are evil and just enjoy themselves on the ride. Ratigan out of the great mouse detective, Negaduck in Darkwing duck (Megavolt and most other villains in that show to btw) The joker in Batman. They just love doing what they do, and then deliberately become pretty stylish and self indulgent in the scheme, that for me is always so delightful to watch. I guess I get a pervert pleasure in seeing their sheer enthusiasm when conducting their schemes.

      The only woman whom I have ever seen act around like that, is Ertha kitt both as Catwoman and as Yzma. She just… freaking loves being a villain and her villain characters loves being a villain. I love that!

      So Meryl Streep playing cercy, a very self indulgent powerful sorcerer whom knows she is being evil and selfish, but just enjoy the ride. Waltzes around in big stylish dress, layed back in a chair with all of her man slaves around her (Scared to death of being turned into pigs.) all giddely giggles over how much power she has and can do pretty much what she wants.
      Are you kidding me? Hell yeas I would watch that.. how-ever, I would also suggest Nicole Kidman in the part, also she is a damn good actress, have the right age now so she comes across as more mature and refined, and is absolutely gorgeous.
      I know Meryl Streep is a damn good actress, fuck when I got conned into watching “The Iron Lady.” in cinema the other day, she was the one big saving grace of an incredible dull movie.

      • Pywaket

        Strong evil women in cartoons totally fine with that position?
        Katrina, from Escape from Katrina. She was completely fine with murder as threat when demanding slave labor from the ponies. (and if they had agreed, they’d be

        I don’t have a problem with MLP:FiM per se. But the villains they started with back back in the 80’s (Tirak, Katrina) were more intimidating.

  • Waffle_Man

    One of the things that really fascinates me about animators is that, from what I can tell, they’re as liberal as any other group of artists, but they’re still somehow okay with using broad stereotypes.

    Oddly, the story editor of My Little Pony’s previous show, My Life as a Teenage Robot, was really bad about making the characters super stereotypical.

    One thing I wonder is when we’ll get a show that shows there’s lots of ways to be a boy. I was browsing some random blog a while back, and the author (unfortunately I forget who) pointed out that the male characters in cartoons these days are all the same person: Not terribly intelligent, physically very active but not focused enough to be really good at sports. Danny Phantom, Adventure Time, El Tigre, Johnny Test, Ben 10, Generator Rex… and a bunch more I’ve forgotten about.

    And I suddenly realized, not only was I not that way as a little kid, I didn’t really like the kids who were. I was an effeminate nerd who liked My Little Pony. Male characters like that are INCREDIBLY rare. Spongebob is great, but he’s just one invertebrate and his show has been kind of crappy for years now.

    Basically, I wonder when a show is going to be brave enough to have a male version of Fluttershy. This is something that’s been bothering me since I was a little kid.

    I’m not trying to say boys have it worse or anything, more that TV cartoons in general are locked into a bunch of obnoxious stereotypes all across the board.

    • Sofie Liv

      That’s a good point!

      Honestly though.. I can’t help but believe, that the most interesting characters, by default, in any medium. Always has been and always will be. (dun dun duun.) … the adults.

      And adult is just more interesting than any kids, the adults have a history a place in society, issues from the past, exsperiences, things to explore.
      Kids are well.. bloody kids, they don’t even know who they are yet, so how should we know?

      I don’t know what age the ponies are.. but i think it’s a safe bet to say “Young women.” not “girls.” they have their own buisness’s running and stuff like that. And that alone is a spring board a bit more interesting.

      so those you described there is highschool kids, whom will never be to interesting.
      That doesn’t mean though they all have to be Ron Stoppable, cause you are right, all the young males on kid shows are like that, and all the girls are Kim Possible.. that is the stereo typing at large.

      The idea how-ever is that this kid will be “Relateable Ed.” you are a kid feeling awkward, so they create a character in your image, but makes him a secret super-hero or what-ever, then you get to life through him. That’s the general idea.
      That’s… sigh.. Sam Witwicky from Transformers, and the girl is miss perfecty perfect Mikaela never allowed to do any-thing wrong and be ugly, she probably spend all of her spare time with clothes to.
      That’s not to say they are not attempting to swap it around to girls.. Hannah Montana.. it’s just as stupid when the girl is an “Awkward teenager.” secretly a superstar getting hot guys.

      • Waffle_Man

        “The idea how-ever is that this kid will be “Relateable Ed.” you are a kid feeling awkward, so they create a character in your image, but makes him a secret super-hero or what-ever, then you get to life through him. That’s the general idea. ”

        I think where it really goes wrong is that so many shows these days have pretty much one main character, so they try to make them identifiable to everybody. Like if they were too good at sports, the nerds couldn’t relate, and if they were too smart, the athletic kids couldn’t relate, and if they were popular, the awkward kids couldn’t relate, so you end up with this really generic character who hasn’t got much identity of his own, because he has to be every boy ever (Except the ones who aren’t masculine. They don’t count).

        Now that I think about it, exactly what you were saying about the token girl in your video. Although not a token.

        Peter Parker’s kind of this stereotype, but at least he has some specific goals and interests besides being a boy and having adventures.

        • Sofie Liv

          Yeah, even Peter Parker has some specific personality traits, that he is a huge nerd when it comes to science.
          So before the accident he spend all his spare-time in some lab, cause that was his hobby, that was his passion, all the sport things are only possible because of his powers, cause he is not a guy whom trains.

          Those other characters may play a little foot-ball ones in a while, a little video game ones in a while, what-ever the plot for todays episode requires.. there’s no strong specific here.

  • LOVED this episode! Your joy for the show is just… infectious! 😀

  • I dont disagree with any of these points, the show is…mildly amusing for what it’s supposed to be, and I think little kids ought to watch it cause it’s a departure from the usual boy and girl cartoons. But I still don’t get the brony phenomenon. I’ve watched 2 episodes, and I just don’t see what makes a 20 year old guy look forward so much to it.

    Don’t hate the show, I just wonder what’s up with that.

    • Sofie Liv

      People like to sit back and laugh without being beaten over the head with snarky social comments.
      People watch this for the same reason as they watch the muppets show, to just relax and have fun. Without the girly tendencies it does not appal boys to walk away.

      If it’s not for you, then fine, no one blames you for that. Other people just have a really fun time making jokes (which easily done with such strong characters.) and laugh of the clear cut slapstic humour the show presents.

  • i hope one day an Agony Booth vs. Channel Awesome Fighting video game(like marvel vs. capcom) comes out. what kind of special powers would the reviewers have, if such a game existed? Mendo could probably blow some sort of poison smoke out of his cigar, and Sofie’s hat can probably be thrown at people like Oddjob in Goldfinger, lol. Anyone else have any ideas?

    • Sofie Liv

      I can run into my TARDIS and disappear into thin air?

    • MephLord

      I think Agony Booth recappers need more content before they challenge Channel Awesome.

      • Sofie Liv

        Give us a year or two, we are getting there.

        • MephLord

          I’ll be here to enjoy the journey.

  • Concerned

    Are you yourself a Brony? Or however it’s called.

    • Sofie Liv

      I watch the show when it’s on and know what all the characters are called.
      I like the show but is not a fanatic.. I am much more of a muppet fanatic and a doctor who fanatic than a pony fanatic.
      But if people insist that I be a Pegasister (yeas that is what they call them now.) I guess I am, I can’t deny it, I watch the damn show and I wouldn’t be ashamed of having a twilight sparkle standing around.

  • Ooglechev

    That pony version of you is excellent,

    • Sofie Liv

      I’m part of the Whooves family 😀

      Or so my title card artist decided… I would probably have gone with a motive similar or maybe even identical to my tattoo on my left shoulder-blade which are two theatre masks, you know the whole “Tragic and comedy theatre thing.”
      I wanted that tattoo precisely in the first place to represent my love, adoration and dedication to the theatre. I would call that my special talent if I were a pony..

  • Gasmaskangel

    Ponies are fucking metal.

    Also that Spice Girl’s song you play in this episode is the worst piece of music in human history.

    • Sofie Liv

      Ponies are great.

      “If you wanna be my lover.” erh… is it bland, boring, stupid and sends a utterly ridiculously message to the youthful girls population of the world? Yeas, yeas indeed.

      Is it the worst piece of music ever? … no, at least nothing is off key and makes me grit my teeth’s. I actually get physically uncomfortable when hearing some-thing which is just technically bad made. That’s one of the side effects of being a musician able to hear in an instant if some-thing is off key or not.

  • Nuclearman

    It’s weird that like you said they won’t cast a female Sherlock Holmes or Doctor Who but in they have what are supposed to be female versions of those characters with Irene Adler and River Song. The tough action girl characters are definatly over used but some can be done quite well for example Leela from Doctor Who.

    • Sofie Liv

      Irene Addler is not nearly as interesting as Sherlock and River song is not nearly as interesting as the Doctor.
      Even if they were stand-alone characters in their own show having nothing to do with Sherlock or Doctor Who they aren’t nearly as interesting.

      part of the things that makes Sherlock so great is how inept he is as a human being, how eccentric he is in just about… everything. Not that he can pull a gun or is sexy, that is not what makes him cool!
      The Doctor is funny to look! he can be so enthusiastic about his adventures, almost childish and giddish, that is what makes him great. And well, Riversong doesn’t have that either.
      Romana I think is the biggest see through case where you can just see.. they freaking tried to make a female doctor, they even had two goes with her.. I still say Sarah Jane was a much better companion and interesting character.
      Leela was… urhm, okay. Nothing wrong with her at all, I’m just not a big Leela fangirl.. and that’s in spite that I have Louise Jamesons autograph.. she even drew a heart to me…
      And, you would never know the lady is over 60, she still looks gorgeous! I sure hope I can age that beautifully.

      • Nuclearman

        Definalty I’ve never liked Irene Adler because all her character is basically that she’s Sherlock without his personalty instead looks pretty. Part of the reason that I love Andrew Scott’s Moriarty is that he isn’t just an evil Sherlock he’s a pantomine villain who’s somehow got all this power.

        River is someone who I think becomes less interesting the more she appears. In Silence of the Library she was a normal person but she knew about the Doctor and that I think made her interesting. By Lets Kill Hitler she able to do everything the Doctor can do and all her dialogue is some flirtatious remark.

        Leela’s probably my favourite companion so im jealouse you got her autograph.

        • Sofie Liv

          I actually like Irene Addler, and I like this Irene Addler even though she is very different from the book Irene Addler, where part of the reason so many people like book Addler is that not only is she smart and outright snoops Holmes.. twice (in a kind of cheeky way to), but her intentions are at all times rather self-lesh and pure.

          She doesn’t do it for money, she doesn’t do it for recognision or fame or to show off, in the book she simply does it so she and her husband whom she loves can be left alone and life there lives. An intention so pure it ends up actually getting under Holmes’s skin and he from that day off had a lot more difficulty being rude to any woman.
          In BBC Sherlock I can’t help but think that aspect has been surgically removed from Addler, only to mutate and become it’s own character, by the name of Molly Hooper, whom is now the woman so pure and kind she got under Sherlocks skin and changed him for the better.
          And I adore Molly! A great female character.
          And well, Addler, I find her to be a good adversary and character, the show acknowledges she is mean and that is how it works, she doesn’t get salvaged, she’s a rude mean person, and the show knows this.
          Normally you would try to make her all that she is, plus kind and the mother model, which would leave an indisquintet mess without any real traits we can grab or count on.
          I know where Irene stands here, I know what kind of person she is, a mean person you can’t count on. And that’s why she works as a character, she is actually focused, I know where she is, and there doesn’t suddenly come so. “I am kind and motherly now.” bull-shit in over it, cause Molly owns that aspect.
          And then Molly gets to be ordinary and not the gun holding cool woman, both character here keeps on making sense without changing mid-way through.

          I can’t help but think of it like this.. Molly is a person, loving Sherlock for his humanity, Addler is a person loving Sherlock for his inhumanity. Neither are compatible with him in the end but represents two sides and are two polar opposites to each other, and that is why they work… in my humble opinion.

          Riversong.. I actually have the exact opposite feeling towards, I think she got better and better and more interesting the more she appeared and the more she got explained. I do think “Silence in the library.” gets more and more unbearable to watch the more we see of River.
          When I first saw her I was kind of… meh.. and now I am “Nooo river why WHYYY?”

          • Nuclearman

            Oh I love Molly to bits she’s one of the sweetest characters ever. The scene at christmas is probably the only time I’ve ever hated Sherlock.

          • Sofie Liv

            To be fair.. it’s probably also the only time Sherlock actually hated himself to.
            Just the look on his face as he realises his own mistake, and he even try to make up for it.. only to have evil Addler spoil the moment with her texts!

            But see, again! Addler is the cold calculating ass-hole side of Sherlock, finding his distanced way of observing things sexy.
            Molly is Sherlocks humanity crawling under his skin getting hurt from his distanced way of observing things.
            Addler gets Sherlocks distance but would never get his sadness.
            Molly will never get Sherlocks distance but sees his sadness, and it goes on like that.

            Am I the only one seeing that? these two are THE women of BBC Sherlock. it’s not the Woman in this serial, it’s the Women.
            And that for me, is good. Better have two focused characters we know where they are at, than one having to many functions and personality traits. which is the big mistake with so many women.
            Focus! Focus!

            I get Addler is the arch type of what usually is so wrong with these women, but she is honestly so purposefully and well written I think it’s good that she’s there. It’s her type of character done well.

          • Nuclearman

            To be honest I never thought that much about it.

            I compare Molly more to Watson by the way they both are just drawn to help Sherlock. Plus for a while I thought she was ment to be his wife from the books.

          • Sofie Liv

            Watsons future wife is called Mary Morstan, and the show sticks pretty close with the names, so that would be a no 😉

            And I do think Watson stands aside from both Molly and Addler, because as much as these two women love Sherlock in each their way, neither of them are compatible with him.
            John is the only character truly compatible with Sherlock. John gets Sherlocks lust for adventure and is genuinely intrigued and interested in what Sherlock has to show, molly not so much so, she is hurt by it. John is also such a hardened veteran that he does not put up with Sherlocks ass-hole behaviour. Molly is to sweet to give Sherlock an earful when he deserves it… John is not.

            And they are honestly two very different characters. which goes to proof how brilliant the writing in this show is, that they know each of their characters and write in a very firm sure way.

          • Nuclearman

            I guess you could argue that the people Sherlock knows are all a part of him even Moriarty.

            Both the writing and acting are spot on in Sherlock. It’s clear that the cast get who their characters are and how they are supposed to behave. Benedict I swear is a reincarnation of Peter Cushing they are so similar.

    • Annie

      They cast a female John Watson, I’m sure they would cast a female Sherlock Holmes.

      • Sofie Liv

        This is the third time in television history a “Female Watson.” happened.
        There’s been two female Watson before this one.
        And still no femme holmes.. (only Addler holmes alikes, and yet we have to see an Addler as interesting as the best Holmes’s.)

        So.. will a female holmes happen? with the new freedom of visual medium, people having the ability to go out and shoot movies without having a whole company backing them up.. probably.
        In fact, I made female holmes happen. In my Sherlock Holmes review, and I am going to make her happen again.

        But on television screen, will it happen? again, probably.. at some weird point and space in time. Will it happen soon? I don’t know.
        But I believe it will only happen in a smaller independent movie.
        Who’s to say it can’t be my smaller independent movie. It’s all about whom is making it happen.

  • Goblin1001

    I count myself a “Brony”, because I’m an adult male who enjoys this goofy cartoon aimed at little girls, and can hold a conversation about the show’s plots and characters. My apartment is not plastered with posters of pastel ponies, but I look forward to new episodes of the show,along with new episodes of THE WALKING DEAD, DR WHO, and the AVENGERS cartoon.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with what’s good about the show, especially in the “3 dimensional” aspect of the characters– They all have flaws along with their strengths, and they also have complex relationships with one another, as well, based on their personalities. There’s also not a one of the “Mane 6” that isn’t at least likable. (And I think a large part of the appeal to males of the show is, most any guy would love to meet a human girl like any one of them!)

    • Sofie Liv

      I got ya, that is pretty much my relationship with the show to.
      I don’t think there’s any-thing shame-full about enjoying it, cause it is solid and it is funny, and I am just happy the guys found some-thing to enjoy and laugh at which is so innocent as it just stands.

      Well erh.. there are lots of human girls out there like them, we are individuals just as you guys, and we can be just as big ass-holes and have just as many flaws. I always said that stupid doesn’t require a gender X)

      Honestly, I think it’s just a solid show where the main characters just happens to be females instead of males. “Not overly girly.” also means the appeal is wider than small girls and feminine boys (and there’s nothing wrong with that, never met a drag queen I didn’t liked and some-how admired.), and without the appeal being so closed off, it’s easy for every-one else to just jump straight in and be able to laugh of all the nice jokes.

      And I love Doctor.. and I’ve seen the avengers cartoon, enjoy that one to, as well as young justice.

  • The Crazy Fish

    For number 5: I agree! Hollywood seems to think the only way a female can be “strong” is to basically remove every personality trait that makes them female in the first place. Not only is it kind of insulting but it also makes for really just….BORING characters. I mean, let’s look at what might be the archetypal strong female from Hollywood: The Matrix’s Trinity. Her strength is established early on when she beats some dudes up but then she never gets any deeper than that. She never has any big moment or development. She just kicks dudes in the face and looks hot. I like looking at her as much as the next guy but she’s just so DULL. Why can’t she be hot, strong AND interesting?

    Besides, if we look at some of the traditionally female personality traits…a strong emotional response and a desire to help out the people you care about…aren’t those the kind of personality traits you WANT to have in a heroic character?

    I think the main problem is that Hollywood is scared to make female characters flawed. I mean, think about it. Even the proverbial “damsels in distress” who exist only to be captured are still perfect, dainty little princesses. I think they’re worried if they make a female who is occasionally vain, ignorant, maybe even a little crude (ie. human) they’ll either a) offend female viewers or more likely b) make them not as lust-worthy to the guys.

    Not to go off topic, but that was one reason I really liked Avatar: The Last Airbender. It had female characters who were strong without sacrificing everything that makes them interesting and believable as females.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, I agree completely and a hundred percent. That is my exact point you are giving there.

      And well, in Avatar, Katara does take on the very usual and cliché role of being “The mother role model of the group.” But even that aspect gets exposed in later episodes, and that she is so much of a mother character in nature is as much a flaw as a strength, she gets in trouble for it!
      When her protective instincts makes her dress up as a water spirit, when she is treating Toph like a kid cause.. Toph is a kid. The aspect of her being a healer, all though being clichéd as she is the woman, is also treated very well and multi dimensional, it’s the typical women of the group done well.
      Azula is a freaking amazing villain..
      I will point to Zuko, whom is a male, as the best character in the show, but WHO THE HELL CARES? there’s so many excellent characters in that show :3
      Both male and female, and a great cast of diverse females to. So yeah.. Avatar the last airbender the tely show RULES!

      • TheCrazyFish

         I actually feel like they played with and eventually subverted the “female as healer” trope quite well too. Katara is told that, as a woman, she has to be a healer and she tells them no, she wants to fight. She learns healing too, but mostly just because it’s a really useful skill to have.

  • Sorry I’m late to the party, but this installment was so great I need to say, “Well said!”  Your discussion about how films get the concept of a ‘strong woman’ wrong was absolutely spot on.   Excellent video!

    • Sofie Liv

       Thank you! 🙂

      And here at the booth, the party never ends, so you are never late, but just always welcome.  😉

      • Ed Wong Hau Wuncler IV

        Any more room for me? I’ve never seen a show like this where I’m filled with such a need to embrace cute, cuddly pink things but also watch a legit cartoon with great characters, engaging stories and some adult references too! See Fox News? There is nods to adults, you just have to look. Oh wait, they don’t do fair and balanced. Silly me.
        Your analysis was great too. Is there any end to your greatness? Or talents as Brain Blessed would say?

        • Sofie Liv

          There’s always room for one more!

          Yeah, it’s just an all around fun engaging show with actual thought behind it not taken any cheap skates.

          Thank you, heh, I’m not that amazing but I am working on it, we’ll see where we are at in a few years B) 

  • Cheshire Cat

    My sister makes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic jewelry and accessories out of polymer clay (as well as other characters from movie, tv, and gaming). Would it be okay to post her Etsy shop here? I don’t know The Booth’s policy on that.

    • Sofie Liv

       Urh.. dunno what kind of relevance that has here, or how many people actually goes back and read through this comment section, you can post a link if you want, but I can’t guarantee that it’ll gain you a thing.

    • Cheshire Cat

      Well, I thought, maybe, if people liked My Little Pony they might like her stuff. It’s I read your My Little Pony review when it came out and wanted to post then. Oh well, better late than never, eh? Thanks.

  • chromesthesia

    I love this review because I love this show. It’s awesome. I also think your hat is so cute and I want one like it.

  • Dinoslay .

    This review highlights the reason for why I have liked the show. MLP:FIM breaks free from the bias of usual show mentalities without going too far and really tries to tell a story with what should always count regardless of gender; individual characterization! I mean, how else are you going to effectively tell stories that people can actually give a damn about? A lot of that is way too easily ignored by the mainstream entertainment business that for some reason only cares about the lowest common denominator(the price of recombinant postmodernism, I bet). There’s already enough vanity as is. More shows like this, please.