VIDEO: My Bloody Valentine (1981)

The Horror Guru tackles the classic 1981 Canadian slasher My Bloody Valentine, also known as one of the greatest victims of MPAA censorship. The film was directed by George Mihalka (Scandale), written by John Beaird (Happy Birthday to Me), produced by John Dunning (David Cronenberg’s Rabid) and André Link (The House by the Lake) and stars Paul Kelman (Black Roses), Lori Hallier (Days of Our Lives), Neil Affleck (Scanners) and Keith Knight (Meatballs, Class of 1984). It was released in 1981 and made CAD 2,300,000 and $5,672,031 in the United States.

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  • MichaelANovelli

    Isn’t this essentially the plot of Silent Night, Deadly Night?

    • Josh Langland

      To a certain extent the killer’s backstory is. No nuns this time though. =P

      • danbreunig

        Gotta admit: coming from a Midwest farming community, the fact that the cast and setting is a working class mining town adds quite a decent level of plausibility. Why care so much about well-to-do teens getting meat grinder treatments?

        Not to worry–nobody else spouts terrible puns and causes deep existential pain quite like the Guru.

        • Josh Langland

          Oh whew, glad that’s settled then. :P

  • DeanD

    I discovered this film a couple of years ago when I was in the mood for classic 80s horror that didn’t star Freddy, Michael or Jason and it was such a surprise! It was the edited version but I didn’t think it any less effective. What I loved most about it, (and most 80s slasher films) is that the characters were likable and you rooted for them to live verses cheering when they die. I would’ve liked to have seen a couple of more sequels but the film surely stands on its own.

    • Josh Langland

      I would have liked some sequels as well. It’s too bad more didn’t come after the remake, that might have been it’s last chance.