Mr. T's Be Somebody ...Or Be Somebody's Fool (1984) (part 9 of 9)

Then we find T with more kids gathered around him for the next segment, which is entitled “Mr. T’s Tale”. As you can see, the names of these “lessons” are pretty much falling apart at this point. For some reason, it looks like they’re all hanging out on the set of Solid Gold. Among the group is Tough Black Kid, Fat Chick Who Insults People Mothers, XenaOrZena, and Mopey Kid. Mopey Kid asks the very spontaneous question, “Mr. T, did you ever belong to a gang when you were growing up?”

T reflects. “No, not me. But there was a lot of street gangs in my neighborhood!” He says he never joined one because “my mother didn’t want me to be a part of no bad boys!” Uh yeah, right. Like any street gang would want to count among its members a guy who wears feathered earrings and camouflage hotpants.

Regardless, Mr. T always did what his mother told him to do, and talking about this reminds him of a story. He says this story is about “Jackie and… uh… Ricky!” Some little blonde girl immediately shouts out, “Who?” And you know T is barely restraining himself from yelling, “Jackie and Ricky, FOOL!”

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Multi-Part Article: Mr. T's Be Somebody ...Or Be Somebody's Fool (1984)

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