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Stan returns from the dead with a whole new manly musical: Moulin Rouge, the Orphean tale of a young chump and his sexy lady of the evening. Does this classic love story have what it takes to win Stan over? Can Stan resist the charms of adult contemporary songs sung by beautiful actors and the guy from Harry Potter 6? Does Stan feel like an idiot writing these things in the third person? The answer to all these questions—save the last—can be found inside the video thing below, and all it takes is one click of your mouse!

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Stan Ferguson

Born in the Yukon to a family of Grizzlies, Stan was raised on a diet of show-tunes and compact cars until he was finally released upon an unsuspecting public who went on not suspecting anything and still do not suspect a thing to this day.

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  • guest

    Wow, that wasn’t what I expected. Very enjoyable video though.

    Just wondering, what was the song you used in the end credits?

    • That is “Self Esteem” by the Offspring.

      • guest

        Thank you sir :)

      • sundogvet

        It was an excellent choice, imo.

  • Wow that movie was so much better than I thought it would be. I remember watching the first 15 minutes at one point and just giving up. I don’t think I got past the erotic poetry before just losing my interest.

    I may have to give this one another shot because it looks like all the really good numbers show up after I wandered away.

    • It’s definitely a film that gets better as it goes along. It has a bizarre, but gradual tonal shift throughout.

      Confession: I’ve been a fan of this film since I originally saw it in 2002. But I wanted to write this one as though I was experiencing it for the first time. It definitely reflects my original reaction, I went in expecting–nay, wanting–to hate it. Weirdly, it won me over.

      Of course, that’s not going to stop me from joking on it.

      • Nothing wrong about joking with ones favorite movies.

        I may give this one another shot then, or maybe just skip ahead past the introductory 15 minutes hehe.

        I do generally enjoy musicals (and bollywood films, a guilty pleasure).

  • Michael A. Novelli

    This is one of my favorite films! You sly dog, you…

  • Hooray! He liked it. :-)

    Fun fact: “Come What May” couldn’t qualify for a Best Original Song Oscar that year; the reason? It had been written for… “Romeo + Juliet”, but was discarded and reused.

    Couldn’t have happened to a better song… :-(

    • That would explain why the nod went to the incredibly dull Someday I’ll Fly Away.

      • Well, that makes no sense; “Someday I’ll Fly Away” isn’t even original to the film!

  • Yeah, when I first saw this, I was thinking “Friend of mine that recommended this, I am going to hurt you. With fire.”

    But I ended up pleasantly surprised.

    Plus, the chicks loved it. Got a hook up due to that movie….:)

  • Cristiona

    Spectacular, spectacular!

  • cyberjohn

    Good review have to say a couple first of all Nicole Kidman is smoking hot, secondly Jim Broadment is one of those actors who is good in everything seriously check out some of the stuff he did in his native country

  • Michael A. Novelli

    The only issue I take with the film is that the really fast parts make the moderate ones feel a little slow. It can be jarring…

  • Next up will be a Following Special Presentation. Next TMM will actually not be a recap/review, but something artsy-fartsy (yet hopefully enjoyable) that I wanted to try. It’ll be much shorter than a typical TMM and the movie will be High School Musical 3. No, I will not be singing or dancing in it.

    • And there was much rejoicing…:)

  • Trentonuk

    FYI the hot Green Fairy is in fact Dame Kylie Minogue :)

    • Well then, I think I very well may do the Loco Motion with her.

    • Cristiona

      That explains a lot.

      • It does?

        • Cristiona

          Well, explains why she’s so damn hot.

    • Voyager 6

      Hot alright…my God yes. Is it worth sitting through this tribute to taking speed and acid at the same time then chugging five Red Bulls just for that, though? Probably not.

  • Rhotomago

    All I can say is:
    1 What where you on and
    2 where can I score some???
    (I’m going with “La Fee Verte”)

  • Claire Donnelly

    Sigh. I’m afraid I must disagree. Y’see, I was the opposite way round to you, was expecting to love it and I hated it. I think Nicole Kidman is hot, I love Ewan Mc Gregor… and I generally love musicals too (with a few notable exceptions). But I really didn’t like it. I think I’m the only person I know who didn’t. I think there must be something wrong with me! As to why I didn’t like it…I felt the pick and mix grab bag of songs didn’t work, and didn’t like the arch post-modern smug feel to it. Also, Ewan McGregor’s voice. Yeah, it’s technically in tune, and it sounds nice and unpolished, matches the character. But it just sounds like shouting to me and makes me shudder. Oh well.

    • Olaf_the_Lofty

      No, I didn’t like it either. I got it in a two-pack with “Romeo and Juliet”, and my response was exactly the opposite of the reviewer’s above: I think “Romeo and Juliet” is a masterpiece and found the modern songs in “Moulin Rouge” jarring. I couldn’t finish it.

      The worst thing about “Moulin Rouge”, though, is not Baz Luhrmann’s fault: the flood of bad Internet fan-fiction it has inspired. “Titanic” had the same effect.

  • sundogvet

    I hated this movie, mostly because I resent found poetry. It feels like they’re using my prior associations to manipulate me.

    Fine, Stan, you’re right. Moulin Rouge did a much better job than any movie of its type that I can recall. You’re right, they did change the words and they did use the songs to move the story forward. I still won’t confess to like it, but I’ll give it some credit for a job well done at least. Sometimes the originals really aren’t better, and Obi Wan can sing almost as well as Stan can. ;)

  • Pacal

    Time magazine in late 2001 in its list of the best and worst movies of 2001, had one critic list the movie has one of the 10 best movies of the year and another list as one of the 10 worst of the year. Having seen the movie I can well understand why someone might either really like it or really hate it.

  • RedSatinDoll

    Stan, were the clips used her from the DVD or the blu-ray disk? I’m guessing the blu-ray judging by the clarity of details but also the extreme darkness of the shadows (almost too dark – you’re absolutely right about that.)

    Fun synopsis – it points out why I love the film, why it’s wonderful and ridiculous in equal measure. (And I say that with greatest affection.) I’ve never actually heard/read anyone use the word “debasement” for what Christian does to Satine, but you’re absolutely dead-on there, as in other points.

    • Yay! I’m getting around to answering things.

      It was taken from a Blu-Ray copy; I always do my editing in HD video whenever possible. But I have to always reduce it down to about 480P just so it’ll run at a decent clip in flash.

  • Crazy Fish

    Not sure if you’re still doing the series or if you already have this one on your list of musicals to review. Either way, I wanted to suggest one for you: 1982’s Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Decent musical, manly enough, and I’d love to hear what you have to say about it.

    • That’s actually a really good idea. I’ll definitely place it on my list.

  • Commanderraf

    Ugh… Moulin Rouge. I really hate this movie. The only reason people loves it -I think- is because it has great songs (or parts of them) which make the audience go “Hey! Its that song!”.

    And the fact that in the song you labeled as “a medley that somehow makes sense” has two snippets of songs by ex-Beatles (“All You Need is Love” by Lennon/McCartney and “Silly Love Songs” by McCartney). That and “The Show Must Go On” are the sole reasons I kind of stand this movie everytime it is shown on TV.

  • Jeff Bradford

    Stanleeeyyyy!!! Where are yoooouuuuu!!!

  • Cristiona

    Come back, Stan; we miss you.

    • I’m alive. I just have been ridiculously busy. New job, new digs, new cats. Once I get a chance to settle down more and get a new camera (old one is gone, gone) I can go back to this. But life really kicked in and made of lot of my side hobbies (theater, these videos, etc) difficult. But if/when I do return, it’ll be with a different take. I don’t want to do top ten lists or straight recaps. We’ll see. =o)