The Motion Picture Association Of America Wants To Stop You From Seeing Eva Green’s Boobs

The Motion Picture Association Of America Wants To Stop You From Seeing Eva Green's Boobs

You know that we are fans of Eva Green’s boobs, even if they can’t always save a movie. That said, there’s no downside to Eva Green’s boobs in your movie or movie poster. Not so fast, says the MPAA, which is banning the Eva Green poster for Frank Miller’s upcoming Sin City sequel, probably because they hate freedom. And boobs.


Perhaps you didn’t know or care that Sin City even HAD a sequel or that it is called A Dame to Kill For or that it is coming out in August, but we know you care about Eva Green’s boobs, so you should join us in our outrage about how the MPAA is run by a bunch of puritans.

Eva Green is just too sexy for the poster of her upcoming sequel to “Sin City,” or so the MPAA believes. […]

We’re told the poster was disapproved by the MPAA “for nudity — curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown.”

You can see that we’ve helpfully provided a copy of the poster above so that you can determine whether you see Eva Green’s nipple, because we’re nice like that.

What’s that? You say you actually care about the movie? No you don’t. OK, if you insist on pretending that you do, you can watch the trailer.

There. Happy now?

Cinema Blend points out that this ban is some bullshit, especially because things like weapons and SEVERED BODY PARTS are totes cool with the MPAA.

[T]he fact that Eva Green is holding a gun had no bearing on the MPAA’s decision to label the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For poster inappropriate or possibly offensive to sensitive viewers. We can’t show kids or impressionable people the female body. But weapons, blood, or severed body parts are totally fine. Right, Saw 2?

No fucking way are we going to look at that Saw 2 poster again. We’re just going to go back to thinking about Eva Green’s boobs, like god intended.

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