Motherduckin’ Lionel Ritchie outdraws spithead Kanye West in Britain

Alas, poor Kanye West! Such indignities he is forced to suffer! Shall we all shed a tear?

Invited across the pond to perform at the massive Glastonbury Music Festival–which is broadcast live on television throughout the country–some wiseacre comedian rushed up on stage to interrupt him like he was Taylor Swift…

But that was just the beginning.

Then, the blokes in charge of close-captioning his performance were forced to make some awkward, on-the-fly censoring of his lyrics…

kanye subtitle 2

kanye subtitle

…until they ultimately just gave up on the whole endeavo(u)r and left this up on the screen:

kanye subtitle 3


But perhaps the unkindest cut of all came later. The five-day music festivals biggest draw wasn’t Kanye but one Mr. Lionel Ritchie, whose set attracted nearly 120,000 of the event’s 175,000 ticket holders. Is it me you’re looking for, indeed.

"So... are there just that many hipster in Britain, or what?"

“So… are there just that many hipster in Britain, or what?”

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