VIDEO: Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? (1996)

Exclusive to the Agony Booth! It’s the new web series The Following Special Presentation, where your host Stan looks at some of the most hilariously cheesy TV movies ever made.

In episode one, Stan examines the infamously titled Lifetime Original Movie Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? (which, if you can believe it, is based on the book of the same name). Tori Spelling stars as a college student who thinks she’s met the perfect man, but to the shock of no one who has ever seen a Lifetime Original Movie, he turns out to be a cold blooded killer. Also stars Ivan Sergei, Lochlyn Munro, Gabrielle Miller, and Lisa Banes as “Mother”.

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Stan Ferguson

Born in the Yukon to a family of Grizzlies, Stan was raised on a diet of show-tunes and compact cars until he was finally released upon an unsuspecting public who went on not suspecting anything and still do not suspect a thing to this day.

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