Morning Sideboob: Tara from ‘True Blood’ Looks Fine

Morning Sideboob: Tara from 'True Blood' Looks Fine

Good morning, munchkins! Today we bring you sideboob. I mean, we do that every weekday, but today it’s particularly wondrous sideboob because it belongs to Rutina Wesley, who plays Tara on HBO’s “True Blood.” Hooray! And now, on to le gossip, which as per usual is delicious and fun and delightful and delirious.


Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield get stalked non-stop by paparazzi in NYC. I saw this firsthand when I showed up for brunch at the same place Young Garfield was brunching, and creepy photographers crowded around like he was a golden god. He wore all black and was very handsome. Aaaanyway, now they’re using their situation for a good cause.

Kim Kardashian has a video game because of course she has a video game.

Remember The Situation from “Jersey Shore” (and, briefly, “Dancing With The Stars”?) Well, he got arrested in his tanning salon in New Jersey. He owns a tanning salon in New Jersey.

Hollywood is rebooting Scooby-Doo, because why the hell not?

Anyhoozle, that’s it for now, kids. Enjoy your day! And remember to follow us on Twitter.

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