Morning Sideboob: Support Grows For Eric Cantor On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Good morning, lovey lovekins! Does that gross you out? I don’t care, because I freaking love you. Here is a whole mess ‘o interesting items you may have missed, or not heard of yet, or what have you. Dive right in! Oh, and there is sideboob, because of course there is sideboob. It is the spoonful of sugar, etc.

Our petition to get Eric Cantor on “Dancing With The Stars” has gained support from the Washington Post and USA Today! Papers of record! Get on board and sign today!

Ben and Jerry’s has launched two ice cream flavors devoted to Saturday Night Live sketches that are no longer on the air.

Food person or whatever Adam Richman invited an Internet person to “grab a razor blade and draw a bath.” He also called a lady a cunt. He apologized, but he scares me now.

Nobody much showed up to the big ol’ anti-gay marriage rally thing in Washington, D.C.

Jude Law has a child (he has a few) and this one child is grown up enough to walk in a runway show.

And here is Anna Paquin rocking some actual sideboob at the premiere of the final season of HBO’s True Blood!

Morning Sideboob: Support Grows For Eric Cantor On 'Dancing With The Stars'

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  • Lowkey3

    Hey, wow, that’s some good copy there, Sara! You and Overlady Editrix Beccs must be pleased.

  • Robert Urell

    Someone feed her a sammich.

  • old_redneck

    I’m a 70 yr old male and I show more sideboob than that. COME ONE, Madam Editrix — show some REAL sideboob!!!