Morning Sideboob: Sandler Rules the Razzies, Lil Za: Once More With Feeling, and Charlie Is Ever the Gentleman

2014 Razzie Nominations Honor Worst of the Worst

We’re smack-dab in the middle of award season for movies—when the best of the best get honored for pushing the cinematic envelope and making our lives feel more complete. But let’s not forget to stop, take a moment of silence, and pour out a drop of our 40s for the worst crap to grace the silver screen last year. The annual Razzie nominations were announced, and it’s a bad day to be Adam Sandler. His sequel Grown Ups 2 lead the crap pack with eight nominations: worst picture, worst sequel, worst ensemble, worst screenplay, worst lead actor (Sandler), worst supporting actor (Taylor Lautner), worst supporting actress (Salma Hayek), and worst director (Dennis Dugan). We went searching for someone who actually went to see this turd to find out the depths of its stupidity, but we gave up after the street lights came on. The trailer alone should’ve been enough of a warning.


It’s not shocking that Sandler is a bit of a mainstay at the Razzies. Last year, he got the fruit salute for worst actor for the box office bomb That’s My Boy. And he brought failure to a whole new level in 2011 when Jack and Jill won 10 awards, making Razzie history. Sandler played Jack and Jill in the feature, and rightly won the Razzie for worst actor and worst actress. Who shells out the cash to produce these stinkers? Seriously?!


Other losers at the 34th annual Razzies include After Earth, A Madea Christmas, The Lone Ranger, Ashton Kutcher (Jobs), Lindsay Lohan (The Canyons), Selena Gomez (The Getaway), and Sylvester Stallone, who was nominated for his 31st Razzie for his performances in not one but three flicks: Bullet to the Head, Escape Plan, and Grudge Match.

The winners will be announced on Oscar Eve, March 1. We’ll see if any of the “winners” have a good sense of humor and show up. Believe it or not, a few have come to claim their awards, including Halle Berry in 2005 for her role in Catwoman…

…and Sandra Bullock in 2010 for All About Steve (the same year she won the Oscar for The Blind Side).

How ’bout it, Sandler?

Lil Za Doubles Up on Arrest


The fallout from Egg-gate continues. Yesterday, we reported that Lil Za was arrested during a morning raid at Justin Bieber’s Calabasas mansion. Authorities had a warrant to search the premises following an incident in which Justin allegedly egged his next-door neighbor’s house. Officers searched the house, found a powdery white substance in plain view, and Lil Za took the fall for it. Um, when the cops show up at the door, isn’t there a universal hand signal for “flush the drugs!”? How do you leave that stuff just hanging out in the open? They could’ve at least tried to pass the stash off as cleaning detergent.

But we digress. There was no mention if the cops recovered what they were initially looking for, like shell fragments or suspicious yolk splatter.

Lil Za was at the station getting ready to be released when he lost it and smashed up a jail phone.

“Za was almost immediately re-booked for vandalism. Best of all, depending on the value of the phone … this could also be a felony — to go along with his felony drug bust.”

The Biebs really owes his BFF for this one…we’re just saying.


Charlie Sheen Kicks Family to the Curb

2008 ALMA Awards - Press Room

Imagine having Charlie Sheen as your landlord. Ex-wife Denise Richards has been living in one Charlie’s houses off of Mulholland for the past year, but now his latest porn star girlfriend, Brett Rossi, is forcing him to kick her out out of sheer jealousy. But when Denise packs her bags, she won’t be the only one vacating the premises. The winning warlock will be evicting his two daughters, Sam and Lola, as well.

“Brett wants Denise out of the neighborhood because she is insanely jealous of her. She complains that whenever she leaves the gated community, she is forced to drive by Denise’s house, and she just doesn’t like it. Charlie’s people told Denise he wants her out, and he didn’t tell her because they aren’t talking at the moment.”

Charlie and Denise have had a notorious love/hate, hate/hate relationship dating back to their divorce in 2006.


He recently blasted her on Twitter for not allowing him to see their daughters:

 ”Hey Denise, I own the farm. yet you are only pig in the pen to sling mud bile & sh**e every inch your evil cloven hoofs trample. c #Oink.(sic)”

But now Charlie seems to singing a different tune and penned this Twitter poem to Denise:

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 5.27.53 PM

Such poetry! But he still wants her out of his house!


[Sheen photo by PR Photos]

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