Morning Sideboob: Obviously There Is A Photo of Rihanna In Here

Little Shailene Woodley is just adorable. Okay, so maybe she doesn’t identify as a feminist, yet. But she is like a magical sprite sent from another realm to enchant us, so that is okay by us. She’s also only 22. She says things like this, about crying-time sad movie “The Fault in Our Stars:”


“It’s a beautiful cancer movie that isn’t about cancer. It’s about internal exploration, eternal connected, and universal, unconditional love.”

Here’s the trailer, which will make you cry maybe, particularly if you’ve actually read the book (we have looked at the book and thought about reading it and gotten nervous and hidden it beneath stacks of things, and we will get to it this summer because we love John Green. By “we” I mean “me, Sara Benincasa, your EIC.”)


Speaking of ART and DEATH, there is not much I love more in this world than Game of Thrones reaction videos (I know, I have a problem.) Thanks to the Guyism boys/girls/non-gender-binary-conformists (who knows who works there? Maybe elves?), we have this beautiful supercut of people freaking out to the last scene of the most recent episode, “The Mountain and the Viper.” It doesn’t beat my favorite GoT reaction supercut ever, the glorious montage of reactions to “The Red Wedding,” but it’s fun.

Ah, fuck it, here’s your “The Red Wedding” video too. Oldie but goodie.

And of course today’s featured sideboob belongs to little-known artist Robin Fenty, who has occasionally seen fit to go by the name “Rihanna.” She must be a Fleetwood Mac fan, sorta, maybe. Awww! Now, you may be asking yourself, “Why did HNTP choose this particular photograph of Rihanna at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards?” The answer is twofold. First, we could afford it. And second, it delivers both an enchanting slice of sideboob and a stunning look into Rihanna’s hauntingly beautiful eyes. What is she thinking? What is she feeling? What has she seen and will she show it to us? (We are talking about her vagina, which she did not actually show us.) Is this an homage to Josephine Baker, Daisy Buchanan, or Clara Bow? (Answer: Josephine Baker.) Does it even matter? WE CAN SEE HER FUCKING NIPPLES HOLY SHIT WE HAVE EVERY KIND OF BONER.
Morning Sideboob: Obviously There Is A Photo of Rihanna In Here

Alright, gang, go have a nice day. Shine bright like a diamond and all that jazz. We (Rihanna and Josephine Baker and I) love you.

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