Morning Sideboob: Lindsay Fought the Booze at Coachella and the Booze Won

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Everyone said it was a bad idea. Lindsay Lohan going to Coachella is too much of a temptation for someone so newly sober. It gets hot out there in the desert sun. It affects your brain and makes you thirsty. But Lindsay isn’t much for following good advice. Before she left for the all-day fest, she sent this message out to the masses via Instagram.

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If we were over-analytical—and we are—we’d say that was geared toward herself.


Here’s another shot posted later in the evening during Arcade Fire’s set.

Morning Sideboob: Lindsay Fought the Booze at Coachella and the Booze Won

Everything seemed to be going smoothly…until a source who spoke with InTouch Weekly says Lindsay was spotted backstage during Kid Cudi’s set drinking a cup of “clear liquid.”

She looked completely out of it. She couldn’t stand up straight and she was frantically chain smoking cigarettes. In one of her hands she had a plastic cup with a clear liquid in it. The group was standing in a small cabana, booth type thing and one of the friends was making regular trips to the bar. I overheard the friend order four vodka sodas and when he carried them back to the group, he handed one to Lindsay and she started drinking it. She didn’t seem to care who saw and none of the group seemed concerned.

At least she didn’t go to Coachella with momma Dina, as earlier reported. But it’s only because Dina’s got her own issues to deal with. She plead guilty yesterday to aggravated DWI and speeding stemming from her arrest back in September and will have to do 100 hours of community service.

There’s always next year.

Ice Cube Says Paul Walker Got Sympathy Vote

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Here’s a tip: If you have something not so nice to say and it involves a recently deceased person, go ahead and think it—but then tap the brakes. Don’t let those thoughts morph into words that fly out of your mouth for others to hear.

For instance, Ice Cube really thought he should’ve won Best Duo at the MTV Movie Awards for his role opposite Kevin Hart in Ride Along. The only problem was, it went to Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious 6, so he’s coming off not only as a sore loser but as disrespectful of the dead.

The controversy began when Ice Cube claimed the Best Onscreen Duo award only went to Walker, who died last November in a car crash, thanks to “sympathy” votes from fans. “We was robbed,” Ice Cube told USA Today. “Shame on you MTV. We had the best chemistry of everybody nominated,” Ice continued of his performance with Kevin Hart in Ride Along. “For us not to win was crazy. We were the best onscreen duo, period.” Ice added in the interview that the award should have been given to Walker “before he passed away.”

We guess people really care about winning that popcorn award. Huh.

Let’s just say Ice has gotten a ration of shit for it, so he backpedalled aplenty on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 4.48.37 PM

Today was a bad day.

Johnny Weir’s Bizarre Post-Nup

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Looks like Johnny and his estranged husband Victor Voronov are working it out. Maybe? They seem to have reconciled following a harsh bitchfest. But first Victor wants a public apology from Johnny for trashing him. Johnny countered with a list of specific cheating actions that will be deemed cheating if they are to get back together. They are:


sex outside the marriage
oral sex outside the marriage
kissing or making out
aggressive flirting
mutual masturbation
social media/grindr/dating

They are also required to both take STD tests every six months.

Well now, it sounds like the lovebirds are on the road to recovery. What a modern-day love affair.

Sideboob of the Day

Here is singer, dancer, and actress Cassie at the Young & Reckless Clothing Spring Break Takeover, letting it all hang out.

Young & Reckless Clothing Spring Break Takeover Hosted by Cassie at The Bank Nightclub in Las Vegas on March 28, 2014

[Photo of Cassie by PR Photos]

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