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Morning Sideboob: Kristen Wiig Does Harry Styles

Morning Sideboob: Kristen Wiig Does Harry Styles
Kristen Impersonates Harry Styles for Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon continues to kill it as the new host of “The Tonight Show.” On Tuesday, only his second day on the air, he beat the combined ratings of Letterman and Kimmel. If his competitors want to know why, all they need to do is check out segments like the one below, doled out by the always hilarious Kristen Wiig. Instead of coming on the show to promote a specific project, the Bridesmaids star dedicated her entire time to impersonating One Directioner Harry Styles.


That makes us want to listen to Wilson Phillips and rewatch The Longest Argument Ever bonus feature from Bridesmaids.

Amy Adams Reveals All on “Inside the Actors Studio”
When “Inside the Actors Studio” first came on the air 95 years ago, the part at the end when incredibly still and non-blinking host James Lipton asked the actor/actress random questions was really fun to watch. It was an oasis of entertainment after a long journey in a desert of “the craft of acting” boredom. Now we just love to watch the guests pretend to be really surprised by his canned questions. Like their publicist didn’t hire a full writing team to come up with humorous yet deep responses. “Oh, wow, I’ve never thought about what I want to hear God say when I get to the Pearly Gates…hmmm…let me see.” Here’s how Amy Adams (and her team) answered.

Your favorite word is “Yes,” and your least favorite is “No”? Fire your people. All of them. FIRE ALL THE PEOPLE.

Seth Green Not Feeling Ben Affleck as Batman
Imagine the world issues that could be solved if all the comic book geeks out there put their heads together for just one troubleshooting summit. These guys are intelligent and passionate about what they love. And what they love is Batman. So when it was announced that Ben would be donning Bruce Wayne’s black cape in the upcoming Batman-Superman blockbuster, it made many grown men knock over the display of still-in-the-box action figures in their parents’ basement. One of them was likely Seth Green. Even though it’s been a couple of months since the announcement, Seth is still seeing red.

Larry King has no idea who the little redheaded boy is sitting before him. You can see it in his eyes.

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