Morning Sideboob: Justin Bieber is No Longer Racist

Good morning, Happy People! Welcome to Monday, the greatest of days. Let us examine the important things of our time — not the most important things, mind you, just the important things — and then let us look at some sideboob.

Justin Bieber is not racist anymore! Hooray! Also, he loves Jesus, in a bathtub.


Neil Patrick Harris dressed up like a German transsexual transgender transfabulous transperson and rocked our frigging world. No, really, your EIC cried.

Some dude broke into Sandra Bullock’s house while she was home! This is terrifying and one of our personal nightmares. Thank goodness she is okay.

Brit-Brit Spears took her newly blonde hair to a hockey game.

And in Sideboobery, here is your Chrissy Teigen attending a Spike Teevee thing the other day.


Morning Sideboob: Justin Bieber is No Longer Racist

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