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Morning Sideboob: How The Bottle Let Shia LaBeouf And Dennis Rodman Down

Blame it on the Rum: Johnny Depp’s Engaged

"The Rum Diary" European Premiere - Arrivals

For all those dreamers who thought they had a chance of being the next Mrs. Depp, brace yourselves. Johnny and his new girlfriend, actress Amber Heard, are engaged. Sources close to the family revealed,

“It happened on Christmas Eve. Amber really took her time to make up her mind.”

Sure, she did. We’d love to see her list of cons for that decision.


The couple worked together on Rum Diaries in 2011, when Johnny was still shacked up with Vanessa Paradis, his girlfriend of 14 years and the mother of their two children.

Johnny and Vanessa called it quits in June of 2010, and rumors quickly swirled of Amber swooping in. You have to wonder why he never popped the question to Vanessa after so many years. The same year they split, he was quoted as saying,

 “I never found myself needing that piece of paper. Marriage is really from soul to soul, heart to heart. You don’t need somebody to say, okay you’re married.”

A likely story…

Maybe once he was a free agent again, he just missed his old ways. Johnny was once known for his propensity to propose. His list of fiancées includes Winona “Forever” Ryder, Jennifer Grey, and Sherilyn Fenn. He was married to makeup artist Lori Anne Allison from 1983 to 1985.

We’re sure everything will be different this time around.


Shia LaBeouf Finally Uses His Head

Shia might have missed his calling as a boxer cuz the guy sure does love to fight—especially after a few pints. Yep, he’s back at it again, fighting with patrons at a bar. This time the brawl took place at the Hobgoblin Pub in London, where he is filming Fury with Brad Pitt. But instead of using his fists, Shia used his big fat head as a weapon,
head-butting a bar patron he accused of insulting his girlfriend’s mother.

“Are you f—–g kidding me, bro?” Shia asked. The actor then head-butted the man, prompting two women—including one who pleaded “Shia!”— to restrain the Fury star. “Don’t be sarcastic with us again,” a British woman told the man just after Shia was pulled away. “Don’t even play smart.”

Check out the action here:

This is the same bar where Shia got into another altercation last year when he claimed a guy stole his hat. And, of course, Shia also got his butt kicked at a bar in Vancouver in 2011.

Seems like this guy’s got a lot of aggression to work out of his system. You can’t really blame him. We’d be pissed if this was the rep we had to shake.

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Jenny McCarthy Did Not Get a Rose

We know it’s hard to be single, but there are some options out there for folks. Online dating has resulted in many great unions. Or you can always lean on your friends and ask them to hook you up. Jenny McCarthy would rather turn to reality television to find her one true love. She recently revealed on her show “The View” that she was so lonely following her divorce 10 years ago, she begged the producers of The Bachelorette to be on the show.

“I did this show called Singled Out on MTV back in the day, so I thought it would be great because I was single and I love TV, so put those together and brilliant,” McCarthy explained. “So I got my agent to call ABC and say I wanted to be the new Bachelorette and they said, ‘No, we’re not using celebrities at this time.’ That was 10 years ago.”

Do any of you remember the nightmare that was “Singled Out?” We do, and we don’t understand why that show would leave a good reality TV dating impression on Jenny. That thing was a chaotic clusterfuck of chlamydia. Let us refresh your memory:


Jenny is now happily dating New Kid on the Block Donnie Wahlberg, but we may have uncovered the reason why she was single for so long.

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 Dennis Rodman: 0 The Bottle: 2

We all saw it coming. Notorious partier Dennis Rodman is once again battling the bottle and losing. His agent Darren Prince says he’s checked into rehab for alcohol abuse.

“His drinking escalated to a level that none of us had seen before.”

That was quite evident during a recent interview Dennis did with CNN while in North Korea with a team of former NBA players. When the discussion turned to missionary Kenneth Bae, who is imprisoned in North Korea, Dennis lost his cool and let the alcohol do the talking.


Dennis appeared on season 3 of “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew”but obviously the experience didn’t stick.

Let’s hope the doctors at his facility have a better track record than Dr. Drew.

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