Morning Sideboob: Gwen Stefani Finally Pops

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Gwen and Gavin Make it Three
After pleading with the Universe to get the thing growing inside of her out…

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…the Universe relented and gave Gwen Stefani her third son.

Instead of handing out cigars, proud papa Gavin Rossdale simply tweeted the good news:

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So now Apollo Bowie Flynn will join brothers Kingston James McGregor and Zuma Nesta Rock. Good luck fitting those names on a driver’s license.


George Lopez Arrested for Public Intoxication

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Seems as though George Lopez told the bar “Hit me” one too many times. The comedian was performing at the Caesar’s Windsor in Canada and presumably headed for the bottle to wind down after his set. One drink lead to 17 and bye-bye legs, the floor looks comfy, goodnight. Authorities found George sawing logs on the floor of the casino and took him to the drunk tank to sleep it off. We’re sure the brightly colored carpet of the casino was a hell of a lot more comfortable than a jail cell. Buzz killers!

He later released the statement:

Tied one on last night. Not feeling great this morning. I was trying to sleep it off, unfortunately, it was on the casino floor.

George played the casino again the next night and was quick to make fun of the whole situation.

If you can’t pass out in the privacy of a casino floor, where can you pass out? What’s this world coming to?

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Engaged

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Long ago, they played high school sweethearts on “That ’70s Show.” But now Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are making that storyline a reality. The couple, who has been dating for two years, is now engaged.

Awwwww, remember…

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We can’t wait to see footage of Demi Moore dancing at their wedding reception.

Will and Jaden Smith Are Razzie Winners

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Although things looked hopeful for Adam Sandler with his eight nominations for Grown-Ups 2, the baby-talking manchild went home empty-handed at this year’s Razzies. The trophies are handed out each year for the worst of the worst in cinema, and this year it was all about the Smiths. Will took home Worst Supporting Actor, while his son won the distinction Worst Actor, both for the sci-fi stinker After Earth. And as the raspberry on top of the evening, the father and son also won Worst Screen Combo.

Additional losers include Movie 43, which won Worst Picture, Screenplay, and Director; A Madea Christmas, which garnered fruit for Tyler Perry (Worst Actress); Tyler Perry’s Temptation (Worst Supporting Actress: Kim Kardashian); and The Lone Ranger (Worst Remake, Rip-off or Sequel).

Thankfully, the Razzies were handed out Saturday night, so the winners could grip their prizes as they watched the Oscars the following night. Leave the acting to the professionals.

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