Morning Sideboob: Amy Adams Gets Wicked At A Gay Bar, The Gosselin Twins Clam Up, And Anne Hathaway Passes Up A Silver Opportunity

Amy Adams Belts One Out at a Gay Bar 

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Sometimes you just have to let your hair down and sing a show tune at the top of your lungs. And that’s exactly what Amy Adams did just a few days before bringing home the best actress Golden Globe for her performance in American Hustle.


We’re not sure how she made her way to Oil Can Harry’s, a small, down-home gay bar in Studio City, California, known for its line-dancing, but we hope she drops by more often. So what did she pick as her jam? “Paradise City?” “Sweet Caroline?” Nope…try “Defying Gravity” from the Broadway smash Wicked.

And she nailed it:

Give that woman an award!


The Silence of the Gosselin Lambs

Celebrities Sighted Departing the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City on April 8, 2010

Remember what it was like to be 13 years old? Think back. No, farther. Farther. Your hormones were doing weird things to your body, you probably had braces and bad hair, and everyone bothered the crap out of you—especially your dumb-dumb parents. OMG, so embarrassing. Those two could send you into an eternal tailspin of folded arms and foot stomps just by looking at you. As such, teenagers live for the opportunity to show the world just how incredibly lame their parents are, and if it’s on live television in front of millions of viewers, bonanza!

Mady and Cara, twin daughters of bitterly divorced Jon and Kate Gosselin, just happened to have blown out 13 candles at their last birthday, and the girls are completely underwhelmed by it all. Even so, Kate decided it was wise to drag them out once again into the spotlight on the Today show so everyone can see just how gosh-darn peachy they’re doing. Big mistake. Big. Huge.

While promoting the People cover story this morning on the “Today” show, the teen girls refused to answer questions from Savannah Guthrie, even after being repeatedly prompted by their mom to “spit it out.”

Kate then offered, “I don’t want to speak for them but, Mady, go ahead. Sort of the things that you said in [People] magazine, that years later they’re good, they’re fine. Go for it, it’s your chance.”

“No,” Mady replied, saying, “You just said it.”


Check out the cringeworthy segment for yourself.

The poor girls. Their mom is Kate — a media-hungry control freak if there ever was one. And their dad, Jon, is currently waiting tables and sharing TMI about his relationship with girlfriend Liz Jannetta on VH1’s Couples Therapy.

They never stood a chance.

[Business Insider]

Anne Hathaway’s Silver Lining Erased

85th Annual Academy Awards - Press Room

We love hearing celebs tell about the roles they’ve turned down, the ones that later went on to rake in millions of dollars and sweep every awards show in town. There’s something about their missed opportunities and stories of woe that bring a smile to our faces. For instance, John Travolta turned down the role of Forrest Gump, which was played by Tom Hanks. Tom Selleck was originally slated to play Indiana Jones. It thankfully went to Harrison Ford. And Will Smith passed on playing Neo in The Matrix; Keanu Reeves quickly swooped in.

Well, here’s another one for the list: Anne Hathaway originally snagged the role of Tiffany in Silver Linings Playbook, which was played perfectly by the perfect Jennifer Lawrence. So what happened? Chalk this one up to the old “creative differences” excuse.


“Does it drive you insane when you can’t get your starlet, the one you know that is going to be right for the movie?” Stern asked The Weinstein Company co-chairman. […]
“You made a move to get Anne Hathaway and you couldn’t get her?” Stern asked.
“No we got her,” Weinstein confirmed. “We had Annie and then we had Mark . . . then whatever happened, happened.”
What exactly was it that happened?
“Well, David and Anne had some creative differences,” Weinstein confessed. “They didn’t see eye-to-eye.”

Jennifer went on to win the Oscar last year for that role, but not all was lost for Anne. She didn’t do too shabby at 2013’s Academy Awards, either, bringing home the best actress statue for her performance in Les Miserables.

Still, we wonder what truly caused Jennifer’s infamous trip up the stairs to receive her trophy.

Wasn’t Anne sitting in the front row?

How very Showgirls of her. (The trip heard ’round the world takes place at the 1:21 mark).

[Us Magazine]

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