Morning Sideboob: Big Sean Doesn’t Want to Marry Naya Rivera

Morning Sideboob: Big Sean Doesn't Want to Marry Naya Rivera

She Accuses Him of Theft
We’ve got another sticky breakup brewing. Rapper Big Sean got cold feet and called off his wedding and engagement to “Glee” star Naya Rivera, saying she’s too jealous and controlling, a revelation he made while the couple was attending therapy.

Therapy before you even say “I do.” Red flag, anyone?

You could say Naya didn’t take the news well and took to Twitter to accuse Big Sean of stealing a Rolex from her home. (The tweet was quickly taken down.)

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 9.54.54 AM

Sources say the watch was something Big bought for himself and he was just letting Naya wear it. Like a class ring in high school?

We’re completely shocked by this story. We had no idea “Glee” was still on the air.

Katherine Heigl Sues Drugstore

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 11.16.59 AM

Last time we talked about Katherine Heigl, she was trying to have her fans pay for her latest film, Jenny’s Wedding. We guess that method of fund-raising didn’t work because she’s now suing a drugstore for $6 million.

The actress was snapped coming out of the New York City store Duane Reade holding one of its bags. Duane Reade saw an opportunity and jumped on it with this bit of social media marketing.

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 9.46.30 AM

Katherine no like. She filed a lawsuit against the company for $6 million, claiming:

Plaintiff is a highly successful television and motion picture actress, producer, and celebrity. Plaintiff continues to be in high demand in the entertainment industry. A recent search for ‘Katherine Heigl’ on the Google search engine returned over 3.2 million results.

Somebody needs to bring Katie back down to earth.

Also, we’d like to see a spreadsheet on how many of those 3.2 million “results” are positive versus negative.

Lindsay’s Awkward Letterman Appearance

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 12.57.23 PM

Lilo is making the rounds to hawk her reality show docuseries program, “Lindsay,” and one of her stops was at “The Late Show.” The only problem was, there wasn’t all that much to talk about. So they ended up talking about breakfast.

Riveting. Lindsay is supposedly sober, so there aren’t any court cases to discuss. She’s not very forthcoming about the docudrama; that didn’t take up much time. Hmmmm, desperately pander to the crowd. Done.

You can see Dave floating away, thinking about how he’ll fill his retirement days. He’s checked out.

It’s starting to get weird… Quick! Call Oprah. She’ll fix everything.

When all else fails, turn on the waterworks.

Sideboob of the Day

Did you know that Nicki Minaj has a line of clothes at K-mart? You do now, thanks to this pic from the launch event.

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  • Ambignostic

    Dang, I misread the headline and thought it was about Sean Bean.

  • msanthropesmr

    Hey, I dunno – seems like pre-marrage therapy might prevent unconscious uncoupling, or broken trailer hitch coupling, or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

  • JMP

    OK, as someone who quit watching Glee after it turned to shit in the second season, when did Naya Rivera stop looking lot a hot human being and turn into an alien-like plastic surgery nightmare? Really, people, stay the fuck away from the plastic surgeon; they do not make you look more attractive, but in fact the opposite.

    • $73376667

      My bet is that you’re looking at the difference between having your wardrobe and make-up done by professionals versus dressing yourself.

    • BMW

      No kidding about the show…not that it was that great to begin with. Talented actors/singers doing fantastic covers in between badly written scenes and Jane Lynch being awesome. Somehow that wasn’t enough for very long.

  • $73376667

    Not sure if areola or just shadow…

  • glasspusher

    Great, now I can add Katie Heigl to “crazy in the head, crazy in the bed” list.

  • glasspusher

    Lindsay is quickly joining the ranks of “hot at 18, washed up at 25” crowd I saw go downhill after high school.

  • Guest

    A google search for my name returns 129,000 results; so I by Heigl’s logic I guess someone owes me about $280,000.

  • Haribo Lector

    A google search for my name returns 15.9 million results on Google, so Heigl can suck it.