Morning Sideboob: Mia Martina Has Breasts

Hi, beautiful! How are you today? Excited? Exhausted? Exoskeletal? What? Look, it’s early and we haven’t had our organic aged Earl Grey tea yet. Anyhoozles, it looks like it’s time for your daily dose of sideboob. Never say we never did anything for you, involving boobs, or whatever. Here you go!

The Tonight Show did a thing to make Brian Williams rap “Baby Got Back.”

Brilliant (probably), beautiful (definitely) Malia Obama spent a day working as a production assistant on Halle Berry’s new sci-fi series, “Extant.”

Alaska has figured out how to combat Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: pregnancy tests in bar bathrooms! Yes, nothing repairs the broken cord (if you get that reference, you win nothing) like peeing on a stick while you are already drunk.

Kim Kardashian has boobies and likes attention.

Song-and-dance-and-rapper man Hugh Jackman walked outside.

And here is Mia Martina at the 2014 Much Music Whatever Canadian Thing Awards. She has breasts.

Morning Sideboob: Mia Martina Has Breasts


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