Morning Sideboob: One Night in Cannes: Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton Hook Up

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We Can’t Think of a More Deserving Matchup

Is Paris Hilton making a move to become relevant once again? She must be pining for the simpler life she had circa 2003 when she just had to show up at appearances, look bored, and get paid a ridiculous sum. Now she has to travel the world, pretend she’s DJing, and get paid a ridiculous sum. But once upon a time, the public actually cared about her every move. Her former BFF Kim Kardashian has been hogging the spotlight for a while now—especially with her upcoming wedding to Kayne West. Maybe Paris, 33, thinks throwing her hat in the ring with current bad boy Justin Bieber, 20, will restore her It-Girl status of yesteryear.


The two were spied getting cozy at Gotha Nightclub in Cannes for Busta Rhymes’ birthday. At one point, she climbed onto his lap while he was sitting atop a throne. Sitting atop a throne shirtless, of course.

Paris isn’t exactly a single lady, but the report didn’t mention if her boyfriend, River Viiperi, was in attendance. Since she ended up leaving with Justin at the end of the night, we’re thinking no.

Kendall Jenner Can’t Read

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We’re shocked as well.

Kendall can give good sideboob, but reading comprehension is not high on her list of talents, as she proved at the 2014 Billboard Awards. Given the task of introducing the band 5 Seconds of Summer, Kendall reverted to a 5-year-old learning to read for the first time.

Too bad she’ll be 19 this year. Check out how she almost called the band One Direction.

The day after, Kendall had an explanation for what went wrong.

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Contacts! Of course. Nobody wears contacts anymore—they clash with every outfit.

Chris Brown Making Music in Jail

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The days are long in jail, and it can get boring. Since Chris Brown is currently enjoying an extended stay, he’s found a way to fill his time. Anger management classes? Nah! He’s making music with his next-door neighbor, James DeBarge. Remember “Rhythm of the Night”? James is the DeBarge brother who was briefly married to Janet Jackson, and he was arrested in April for suspicion of possessing methamphetamine.

The two jailbirds are being housed in a section of the jail for high-profile inmates and found themselves in cells right next to each other.

We’re told they’ve been collaborating on music and have already written three songs, performing them during the long days … with other cellmates harmonizing.

Our source told us the names of the songs Chris and James composed: “Sipping on Rotting-Fruit Hooch,” “A Collect Call to Your Heart,” and “The Mystery Meat Blues.”

Sideboob of the Day

Newly married Kelly Rowland was all smiles at the 2014 Billboard Awards.

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