Morning Sideboob: The Continuing Saga Of Shia LaBeouf, Now With Performance Art

Morning Sideboob: The Continuing Saga Of Shia LaBeouf, Now With Performance Art

Shia Is Really, Really Sorry

Just when we thought we were done talking about Shia, he pulls us back in. The bag-over-the-head look was such a hit on the red carpet in Berlin, that Shia has now made a five-day art installation out of it. A press release for the “event” read:


 Shia LaBeouf is sorry. Sincerely sorry. He will be in situ at 7354 Beverly Boulevard for the duration. Implements will be provided. Free admission.

From what we can gather, a situ is when an artist sits at a table and silently stares at the person across from them for hours. It sounds like Thanksgiving dinner at our house, but it’s considered art if Marina Abramovic does it.


Visitors to Shia’s show at the Cohen Gallery in L.A. are asked to pick up an item from a table and are then led into the gallery one by one to sit across a table from Shia, who is wearing a tux and the “I’m Not Famous Anymore” bag over his head. He stays silent.

The stories coming out of this are all sorts of bizarro. “He cried!” “He smiled!” “He took off his bag and took a photo with me!”

Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 12.46.53 PM

Naturally, everyone is making fun of him, including actor Emile Hirsch.

Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 1.09.22 PM

Are they selling T-shirts at this event? We’ll only stand in line if there are T-shirts.

Forbes‘ Most Trustworthy Celebs

Looking across the vast expanse of Hollywood, which celebrities would you trust most? Strange question, right? Forbes just released its annual list of most trustworthy celebs—but we don’t get it. Trust to watch your children? To deposit cash for you? To check on your wife while you’re out of town? When would we meet any of these people and why would we need to trust them? Everyone has too much time on their hands.

For its E-Score Celebrity service, E-Poll Research ranks more than 6,600 bold-faced names on 46 attributes through public opinion polling.

Here they are so you can go ahead and ask them to do something really important for you:

1. Tom Hanks

2. Carol Burnett

3. Morgan Freeman

4. Michael J. Fox

5. Betty White

Let us know how that works out for you.

Stop the Presses! Taylor Swift Cut Her Hair

Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 1.54.56 PM

Bubble: It’s what celebrities live in. A big bubble filled with Yes Men and Yes Women who tell them everything they do is important and significant—even the most menial of tasks.

Imagine you decide to cut your hair one day. Maybe it’s a big deal to you because you’re going from way long to way short. Nobody cares. But if you’re Taylor Swift and you decide to take a little off the top, this is the circus that surrounds you.

“We don’t do anything without an audience, do we?”

No, we don’t, do we?

Countdown to Madness

Only one more day till this hot mess: Courtney Love’s new webseries #CourtneyOn.

Courtney does her best impression of Nancy Grace, talks about her old stage-diving days, and does Buddhist chants, all while battling for control of her eyelids.

This is going to be the ultimate.

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