Morning Sideboob: Naya Rivera’s Thong Photos Prove Everything Is A-OK

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Mexico Fixes Everything

The rumor mill has been churning over the past few weeks about Naya Rivera. Her wedding is off! Big Sean stole her watch! She’s fighting with Lea Michele, no, it was with the producers! It got her fired from “Glee”! Her record company dropped her!

Sources say it’s all true. Her reps say it’s all false.

Guess what? We don’t care. The only thing that matters is that she went on holiday to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and was kind enough to share photos from the trip on Instagram. Thong, tho, thong, thong, thong…

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Morning Sideboob: Naya Rivera's Thong Photos Prove Everything Is A-OK

Nothing says, “See? Look! I’m happy and everything is perfect in my life” like a staged, trying-too-hard, unnaturally posed, half-naked photo shoot.

Miley Cyrus Is Back and Coming for Your Children

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Following an extended hospital stay for a bad reaction to antibiotics that led to the cancellation of a number of tour dates, Miley is back on the road with her Bangerz tour in Europe. You could say she’s excited.

While doing press, she’s had to squash rumors that she was actually in the hospital because of a drug overdose.

Then the second she got on stage, all she could talk about was drugs.

Did you get that, all you 12-year-olds in the audience? Cigarettes are delicious, but weed will make you popular and everyone will fall in love with you.

Shia LeBeouf Is Showing Signs of Life

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Every day we would check, and it was the same sad message.

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Shia, you there?


But it’s been so long since he wore the bag on his head at the art installation. Months and months without a drunken bar fight.

And now, finally, we get a tweet sent out to the universe that is equal parts cryptic and wacky, which means it can only be our Shia.

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It’s not much, but we’ll take it!

Sideboob of the Day

Tyra Banks looked flawless at her annual Flawsome Ball.

Tyra Banks' 2014 Annual Flawsome Ball - Arrivals

[Photo of Tyra Banks by PR Photos]

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