Morning Sideboob: Katy Perry Will Dress Like A Clown To Terrify Your Children

Kim Kardashian Rings in the New Year at 1Oak Nightclub in Las Vegas on December 31, 2012

Why Only 20?

People magazine has released its annual list of the Most Beautiful People in which Lupita Nyong’o was rightfully crowned most beautiful of all and Pink showed off some impressive sideboob.


But we’re more interested in Star magazine’s recent calculations. The votes are in, and here are the 20 most hated celebrities.


1. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West
2. Chris Brown
3. Justin Bieber
4. Kris Jenner
5. LeAnn Rimes
6. Gwyneth Paltrow
7. Juan Pablo Galavis (“The Bachelor”)
8. Lady Gaga
9. Jennifer Lopez
10. Phil Robertson (“Duck Dynasty”)
11. Lindsay Lohan
12. Nicki Minaj
13. Miley Cyrus (who earned the honor of most write-in votes)
14. Katherine Heigl
15. Madonna
16. Taylor Swift
17. Jaden Smith
18. Anne Hathaway
19. Julia Roberts
20. Jonah Hill

Somewhere out there, Russell Crowe is crying into his beer.

[Star Magazine, Photo of Kim Kardashian and Kayne West by PR Photos]

Demi Moore Is Headed to India During Ashton’s Wedding

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 8.53.11 AM

Exes are vile. How did we ever think we liked those people? Once the party’s over, individuals who were once in a relationship will go to great lengths to not have anything to do with each other. They’ll quit gyms, ditch mutual friends, and rearrange paths to work just to forget it ever happened. Vile.

When Ashton Kutcher walks and Mila Kunis waddles down the aisle, Demi Moore is going far, far away — to India. She’ll be taking part in a yoga retreat…because there’s none of those in Beverly Hills. The practice is still catching on in those parts.

A source told Radar Online:

Demi knows she’ll have to endure hearing about the affair—which Ashton is telling mutual friends will be huge and full of A-list Hollywood and tech friends—and seeing pictures. But the wound is still fresh from their divorce and Demi doesn’t want anything to trigger a relapse. When she gets word, either through mutual friends or Rumer, about the exact date, she’s booking a trip to the yogic spiritual center of India, Rishikesh, where she’ll submerge herself in days of waking at 4 a.m., chanting, meditation, yoga by the Ganges River, light eating of only meager portions of vegan foods and dressing in saffron-colored robes. She’ll be cut off from all technology, including phones, Internet, and TV, so she’ll be able to avoid the whole thing.

And while she’s away, maybe she can purchase some sort of artisanal wrap for her daughter Rumer since this is the way she showed up at Elle’s 5th Annual Women In Music Concert Celebration.


Katy Perry Clowns Around and Scares Kids

Morning Sideboob: Katy Perry Will Dress Like A Clown To Terrify Your Children

There’s a clown trend a’brewing in Hollywood and we don’t approve. First Julia Louis-Dreyfus chose to get in a biblical sense with one of the buggers in GQ


…and now Katy Perry is donning a red-nosed getup to scare the bejesus out of children. Children who are simply trying to enjoy a damn kids’ party. We don’t usually stand up for little ones. They’re loud and smelly and short. But come on! They’re at a park, a safe zone where they should be allowed to be loud and smelly and short and not be judged.

Katy’s transformation was all part of a video shoot for her new song “Birthday” in which she dressed as a drunken clown and went undercover at a few different parties—where the kids in attendance had zero idea they were being punked.


The footage conveniently cuts off after the staged car accident, but TMZ has the extended version that includes pissed-off mamas and children who are instantly “all done take me home.”

Bounce houses aren’t cheap, people.

Sideboob of the Day

Sofia Vergara represented Colombia in a big way at the Tribeca Film Festival.

2014 Tribeca Film Festival "Chef" - Arrivals

[Photo of Sofia Vergara by PR Photos]

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