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Morning Sideboob: James Franco Stars in ‘To Catch a Predator’

James Franco Caught Trying to Pick Up a 17-Year-Old Girl

The 35-year-old actor was adamant about not sleeping with Lindsay Lohan…and now we know why. She’s just too old. What’s he to do with a 27-year-old? She’s 10 years past her prime.

Lucy Clode, a 17-year-old visiting the U.S. from Scotland, met James outside the theater where he was starring in “Of Mice and Men.” She took a short video of the encounter during which he told her to tag him and posted it to her Instagram account. We’d show you the video, but Lucy has since deleted her account. But not before she did indeed tag James and a series of Instagram messages went back and forth.




Later, James took to Twitter to respond to the controversy.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 3.37.49 PM

Some are speculating that this is a carefully concocted stunt to promote his latest film, Palo Alto, which was based on a book of short stories by the same name written by James. In it, he goes after an underage girl played by Emma Roberts.


He’s just weird enough to do it.

Brooke Burke-Charvet Crashes Her Maserati

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 3.51.27 PM

You know you’re a bad driver when you crash your car and the cops make you take a sobriety test…and you’re stone-cold sober.

Brooke was driving in Calabasas, California, when she suddenly drove her Maserati up an embankment. What goes on in Calabasas? There’s something in the air in that town that makes people drive their luxury cars like morons.

Since Calabasas is home to the Kardashians and a former hotbed for Bieber action, there are always paparazzi on standby. So the entire thing was caught on video.

Brukberk blamed the whole thing on her steering wheel. That was attached to her hands. Which are commanded by her brain.

She took to Twitter to calm the mass hysteria.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 3.50.49 PM

The only thing we could think about while reading about this accident is that Brooke Burke-Charvet has a Maserati. Why does BROOKE BURKE have a MASERATI?!

Nigella Lawson’s Cocaine Use Gets Her Banned from the U.S.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 5.14.44 PM

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson copped to snorting a few lines in her time, and now she’s not allowed to visit the U S of A. She was turned away at Heathrow Airport in London over the weekend when she tried to board a plane headed across pond. The feds don’t want her to influence us nice, anti-drugging Americans.

The cat was let out of the baggie about Nigella’s past drug use when she had to testify in a lawsuit she filed against two women who worked for her for 10 years.

Italian sisters Lisa and Francesca Grillo are accused of spending nearly $1.15 million over nearly five years by abusing credit cards linked to the personal account of Lawson’s ex-husband, advertising mogul Charles Saatchi. The Grillo sisters, who worked for Lawson for more than 10 years, have denied the accusations and allege that Lawson, 53, abused cocaine, marijuana, and prescription drugs regularly and let them spend the money as long as they kept her secret.

But Nigella calls it all hogwash and told the court she’s only used the powdery substance a few times when her previous husband was terminally ill…and then a little more when her second husband, Charles Saatchi, was terminally an asshole. Charles was the old chap who tried to choke her out while having lunch.

They haven’t said how long Nigella is banned for, or what they think letting her in the country will do exactly.

Anthony Bourdain, Nigella’s co-judge on “The Taste,” is not one to hold his tongue and had plenty to say about the situation.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 4.58.05 PM

Summer—the busiest time of year for travel—is right around the corner. There are a loooot of musicians, actors, politicians, and regular folk around the world who are talking to their travel agents right now about possible staycations.

Sideboob of the Day

Currently starring in Sabotage with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mireille Enos is a far cry from the buttoned-down yet tightly-wound character she plays in “The Killing.” That goes for the red carpet too.


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