Morning Sideboob: Miley Cyrus Is Almost Naked

Morning, HNTP humans! It’s Monday morning, you look so fine. I’m drinking cold brew coffee, hanging with my puppy, and scouring the far corners of the Internet for the most scintillating items of information in the entertainment-sphere. You’re welcome. Carry on.

Tim Gunn wants a plus-size season of Project Runway, which sounds just fabulous.

Hillary Clinton’s totes fave book is anything by Lauren Conrad. J/K it’s the Bible.

Baby North West has been on this earth for a single trip ’round the glorious sun.

Slightly-less-powerful baby overlord Prince George took his first steps in public, just like a commoner.

Here is Miley Cyrus almost naked before a shower, plus other fun pics of her in a bikini and the such.

Ah, hell, we’ll just go ahead and show ya one of the pics right here. It is Morning Sideboob, after all! And I do love me some Miley. She’s a delightful child-woman and I have no ill things to say of her. Also, her underpants are so cute!

Morning Sideboob: Miley Cyrus Is Almost Naked



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