Morning Sex Jam: ‘Freak Like Me’ By Adina Howard (Video)

Morning Sex Jam: 'Freak Like Me' By Adina Howard (Video)

Do you need a ruffneck brotha that can satisfy you? How coincidental! So does Adina Howard in this fun ’90s video programme for her enchanting musical tale “Freak Like Me.” There are many reasons to watch this video. Here are a few: nostalgia; Adina’s proto-Toni Braxton haircut; a moment in which Adina’s ladies appear to twerk on water, a harbinger of Rihannas future; the realization that Rihanna herself was just a wee baby of seven years old when this video was released in 1995; and of course, the timeless joy that comes with seeing a woman embrace herself as a sexual creature. Huzzah! Get into it.

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  • Vance Hedderel

    I see your Adina Howard and raise with the Sugababes’ version that uses Gary Numan’s “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” as a background:

  • YakHerder

    Don’t you wish your girlfriend were a grammar freak like me?