Moonwalker (1988) (part 5 of 5)

A “spider-wipe” that wouldn’t have looked out of place on the old Batman TV show takes us into another part of Mr. Big’s lair. Soon, Michael and the boys arrive. The obvious question here is why Michael’s bringing the boys with him at this point. I know the city’s not teeming with residents, but at the very least he could have left them with those dancers. Of course, if we’re to believe Michael’s public statements, kids want to follow him everywhere. So that might be the case here.

The lair, still shot with a blue tint, doesn’t seem guarded at all as they approach a doorway. Michael steps inside, but the boys are distracted when they step on some peanut shells. They realize a moment too late that it’s a trap, and the doorway closes after Michael. The boys panic and frantically run away; I’m surprised they don’t make those Curly “woo-woo” noises as they do.

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Rori Stevens

Miss Stevens came to the Agony Booth in the process of looking for reviews of Trail of the Pink Panther and has since established herself as (among other things) a notoriously devoted Peter Sellers fan, a Michael Jackson deconstructionist, and an all-round critiquer. She has delusions of success as a writer but has a day job just in case. "Sapphire" credits whatever success she has as a Boother to her love of the whimsical, eccentric side of cinema - while others might blanche at the madness of the films she's helped recap, she dives in every time.

Multi-Part Article: Moonwalker (1988)

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