Moonwalker (1988) (part 1 of 5)

The Cast of Characters:
Moonwalker (1988) (part 1 of 5) Michael Jackson. Basically playing himself. Like Gamera, he is friend to all children everywhere in the world, especially in the “Smooth Criminal” segment in which he saves the world from drugs by turning into a car [!], a robot [!!], and a spaceship [!!!], and dancing a lot and killing a bunch of guys led by…
Moonwalker (1988) (part 1 of 5) Mr. Big (Joe Pesci). Pesci at his Pesci-est. Wants to get all the kids in the world hooked on drugs. Jackson’s version of a Comic Book Villain.
Moonwalker (1988) (part 1 of 5) Katy (Kellie Parker). So adorable, she even has a talking teddy bear. Main function is to get kidnapped and cry out for Michael a lot more than is really necessary.
Moonwalker (1988) (part 1 of 5) Sean (Sean Lennon). John’s younger son and a Jackson buddy at the time. Has no real plot purpose except to root for Michael.
Moonwalker (1988) (part 1 of 5) Zeke (Brandon Parker). Same as Sean, although he also makes an appearance earlier in the film impersonating Michael during an all-kiddie version of “Bad”. This involves him grabbing his crotch a lot, just like the real Michael. Make of that what you will.
Moonwalker (1988) (part 1 of 5) A bunch of Claymation critters. They almost steal the film in their one segment, mostly by displaying acting ability that puts the rest of the cast (save for Pesci) completely to shame.

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Multi-Part Article: Moonwalker (1988)

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