Moonraker (1979) (part 10 of 14)

We get what could have been the start of a good fight when Jaws leaps over from his car onto Bond’s. Unfortunately, the rest of the fight consists mainly of the three characters stumbling around, getting in each other’s way, and not really fighting. Bond punches Jaws once or twice, but the fight is so badly done, it makes one wonder why they even bothered with it. It’s not like it’s impossible to have a good cable car fight. Just look at Where Eagles Dare!

Bond and Holly manage to lock Jaws inside the cable car, and Bond swings the chain over the cable. Jaws recovers quickly and begins to punch through the top hatch. As he does this, Bond and Holly slide down the cable and Jaws signals Mr. Magoo to get the car started. Mr. Magoo obliges, and as the car gets closer, Bond tells Holly to jump, although “Let go” would probably have been more appropriate. They fall down to a field and remarkably aren’t splattered like eggs on impact. In the cable car, Jaws looks annoyed at their escape, but then gets a bug-eyed look. Sure enough, the cable car crashes through the wheelhouse, making sure to hit the 7-Up sign on the way through.

Caption contributed by Albert

“Oh no! That screening of The Human Duplicators is catching up to us!”

2012 Comments: Sort of surprised I didn’t do an oral sex joke given the positioning of Dr., Goodhead in that shot. And by surprised, I mean relieved. It also helps that somebody with a more subtle sense of humor did the original captions for the most part. Thanks, Albert.

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Multi-Part Article: Moonraker (1979)

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