Monster A-Go Go (1965) (part 7 of 8)

Back in the Command Center, and by “Command Center”, I mean a room with four people and an easel, Connors is just sitting there while Dr. Logan paces. Logan notes that the hour has passed, and they still haven’t caught Douglas. Connors is frustrated, because he has “every available Geiger counter” spread out over the entire area. They realize that Douglas will soon run out of antidote, so Logan says they had better inform the general public.

On that note, we abruptly cut to some guy reading a porno magazine [!] called Nudist Calendar. He hears a “Special Bulletin” coming from his radio and leans in close, conveniently giving us ample view of the contents of his magazine. The voice on the radio tells “all citizens in the metropolitan area” to stay indoors until further notice.

Monster A-Go Go (1965) (part 7 of 8)

“Sunday, get naked. Monday, get naked. Tuesday…”

We cut to a secretary typing away, and she too hears the broadcast. Amazingly, she seems to have the world’s first completely silent typewriter. She leans in closer, and the radio announcer informs her that “A man deeply contaminated with radioactivity has been reported missing from the Astrophysical Laboratory!”

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Multi-Part Article: Monster A-Go Go (1965)

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