Monster A-Go Go (1965) (part 6 of 8)

Then we abruptly cut to some women sunbathing on blankets in a park. Gosh, I wonder where this is going. Oddly, most of the sunbathers are fully clothed [?!], except for one girl in a bikini. Anyway, with very little fanfare, Frank Douglas, Mr. Oatmeal Face himself, comes stalking out of the trees. The “sonar + crunching” noise is heard again as he strolls towards the camera. As expected, we switch to his POV as he bears down on the women on blankets, and almost as if on cue, the four women suddenly sit up in unison [!] and start screaming their lungs out. Without a moment’s thought, they all just run away. End scene. Wow, that was suspenseful. And very entertaining. Yes, this is definitely one great Francis Ford Coppolla flick.

Monster A-Go Go (1965) (part 6 of 8)

“Wait! Don’t run away! Aw, shucks… I was hoping they could recommend a good dermatologist.”

Then we cut to a phone on somebody’s desk and it rings. And by “rings”, I mean a guy on the soundtrack is pretty obviously going “Brrrruh” [!!!]. Oh man. I shudder to think of how much things went wrong in post-production that some guy was forced to make a “phone” sound effect with his mouth. It turns out that we’re in some kind of control center, with big bulky computers and an easel. Nora is here, as is Col. Connors. (At first I wasn’t sure it was Nora, because her hairstyle has completely changed since her last scene [?].) Connors answers the phone and gets a report of the attack on the Blanket Party. He points to the site of the attack on a map of the Lake Michigan area, and Nora notes that it’s right near Ruth’s house. Which, by the way, is a fact that will never become important.

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Multi-Part Article: Monster A-Go Go (1965)

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