Monster A-Go Go (1965) (part 4 of 8)

It’s immediately daytime, and we see Dr. Logan (the scientist with the Walt Disney-style moustache) driving through the woods and staring out the window. The Obnoxious Shouting Narrator explains, “Dr. Logan, puzzled by the laboratory analysis, made his own exploratory trip back to the landing area!” Hey, another great idea from a great scientist. “His theory was proved right! And it was proved right so unexpectedly, and so violently, that he never lived to record it!” Wait, is the Narrator telling us about stuff that hasn’t happened yet? Doesn’t this sort of diminish the suspense? Wait… what the hell am I saying?

Anyway, Dr. Logan pulls off on the side of the road. Some bird chirping is dubbed in as Logan pulls what looks like a police radar gun out of the passenger seat. Yep, this is a good place for a speed trap. We watch in real time as he slowly strolls back out into the famous Wooded Area. Time is wasted with a close-up of Dr. Logan looking back and forth, and then we cut to his supposed POV, which appears to prove that his head can spin around 360 degrees like Linda Blair. Now if only he’d puke up some green stuff, this movie would be a heck of a lot more interesting.

Monster A-Go Go (1965) (part 4 of 8)

Walt Disney surveys a Wooded Area that might make for a great theme park one day.

I’d swear I was watching The Curse of the Screaming Dead, because this walking scene goes on for at least a couple of minutes. After a while, Dr. Logan picks up a burnt stick, looks at it, then sets it back down again. Wow. This glance at a burnt stick has been brought to you by the number 7, and the letter E. Then he takes the lens cap off his camcorder, or radar gun, or whatever the hell it is, and switches it on. Then, in an inspired twist, he walks around some more. Finally, there’s a weird noise in the background like submarine sonar mixed with some kind of crunching. Okay, who’s got Grape Nuts? Dr. Logan is paying close attention to his radar gun and walking backwards, which is an obvious clue that he’s about to inadvertently stumble into the monster and be mauled.

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Multi-Part Article: Monster A-Go Go (1965)

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